"Puddles. That's what I was thinking about. Puddles. And ice-cream. Mostly penguins, but...Puddles." The last thing on fifteen year old Melanie Rams mind is mutation. Even though she can delve freely into people's memories and control them and objects around her, it is still the last thing on her mind. When a man arrives, claiming that a Mr Charles Xavier wants to enrol her in his school, Melanie has no idea what's going on-and neither do her family. But when they find out, what will happen?


4. Chapter Three.

        I lay in bed that night, smiling at the faint stains where Miku and Max had thrown those stretchy jelly toys at the ceiling and wondering about the conversation Rilk and I had had that afternoon. We both had things that we wanted to keep from the rest of the family; Rilk's homosexuality, and my memory search/object moving 'powers.' It made me think. Did Miku, Max, Ari, Mum and Dad have anything they were keeping from the rest of us? Max tended to talk on and on, Miku was the complete opposite and more reserved, while Ari wasn't usually around because he was the oldest out of the five of us, and Mum and Dad were-well, Mum and Dad. They talked more to each other than they did to us put together-we're also younger, and a lot less 'mature' than them.

        Sighing, I rolled on over to my side and pulled my covers up-well, thought. I thought to pull my covers up. Interesting. The cool material slid round my shoulders and I smiled into my fist. Then I thought about what I had thought I had heard earlier-"Look for him, claws, self healing." My brow furrowed and I absent-mindedly rubbed a thumb across my tattered toy rabbits ear. I didn't know why I didn't just throw him out-he was old and had lost most of his original nut brown colour-instead, he was now a faded, washed out caramel colour. Looks worse than it sounds.  

        What did those words mean? It was annoying, I never hear anything that I don't know who said it in the end. I fell asleep with those words swirling around in my brain like a tornado.


        "I had a really weird dream last night." I said, stirring my spoon around and around and around my cereal bowl, watching the few remaining soggy pieces of cereal rise and fall in the milk. It was finally the holidays, so mum had-somehow-forgiven me for my wet uniform yesterday.

        Glancing up from his newspaper, Dad replied with, "You did? It wasn't those killer cakes again, was it?" Rolling my eyes at Dad's dry humour, I shook my head.

        "There were kids in it. I've never seen them before. There was one who could walk through walls, and another who could control ice. There was a women who could use the weather whenever she liked and a bald guy in a wheelchair. They were in this massive-house? It kinda looked like a mansion, but they kept calling it a school. It was strange."

        "Haven't you always wanted to walk through walls, Nee? Control things?" My heart stopped for a minute, before I realised that Dad couldn't have known at all. Shaking my head, I sighed and started to clean away the rest of my uneaten breakfast into the sink. There was the sound of tired stumbling and a bear like groan emanating from the stairs. Grinning, Dad mouthed, 'Mum' and it forced me to suppress a giggle. Mum practically tripped into the kitchen and squinted at us through bleary eyes-putting on her glasses and wrapping her dressing gown tighter around her, Mum shuffled toward the kettle in her slippers and groaned as she realised that there was no water left in it.

        "What time is it? You should still be in bed, missy, it's the holidays! You take after your Dad, late sleeper, early riser." Mum mumbled as she put the kettle under the tap and filled it up.

        "It's, uh-it's just gone half eight, honey. Here, let me make your breakfast love, you look knackered." Dad stood and kissed Mum on the cheek, slotting some bread into the toaster while he did so. Mum sighed, content, and plonked herself opposite me in Dad's place.

        "Have you taken Buster out?" Mum asked vaguely, glancing between Dad making toast and me yawning. Nodding, I gestured toward the snoring sound emanating from the closed living room. As I moved my hand away from the door, it clicked and breezed open gently, showing fur from Buster's massive, faintly muddy paws. Hoping Mum would be too tired to notice and Dad too busy with her breakfast, I cringed and mentally shut the door, hearing the soft snick as it closed again.

        "Miku and Max must be up now too. What is wrong with my family? Why don't you guys like sleep?" Mum sighed again and smiled jokingly, gratefully accepting the cup of hot tea and toast from Dad that he passed to her.

        "You want to go to the workshop with me today Nee? I'm expecting old Mrs Cambie again today, you know how much she loves seeing you work in there." Dad grinned, I smirked and Mum sipped her tea with a knowing smile on her face.

        "Sure. Besides, I really want to work on that old Camaro more, the engine needs reconnecting. Dad, do you have any spare car batteries? I think the current one has gone absolute squat, I don't want to risk it." Dad paused, and went mmhmm.

       "No work talk at the table, you two. Here, have the rest of my toast, sweetie." Pushing the last slice of her toast toward me, I shook my head and stood up.

        "I'll go get changed." Yawning, I swiped the remaining sleep out of my eyes and smiled at Mum.

        "Love you, sweetie. Be good for your Dad today, I don't want to hear of Mrs Cambie being sent to hospital because of you two. Alright?" I grinned as Mum leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. "Now get going. I need to clean."









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