Life as a badass with no heart

Becca is the most rebellious girl you'll ever meet. She doesn't know the difference between wrong and right. She is unwanted by her family and is in foster. She has no emotions. She doesn't know what it fells like to be loved and she doesn't know how to love. But when she gets expelled from yet another school and goes to st. Michaels school ten people try to change her life for the better and try to show how it feels like to be loved and how to love.
Will they succeed?
Will she fall in love?
Will she change for the better?
Will they fail?
Is it to late for her to feel love?
Is it to late for her to fall in love?
Is it to late for her to connect to her feelings?

A story of hurt pain heartbreak neglected hope and friendship


9. chapter 9

Harry's p.o.v

We all sat in the doctors office.

"Ok so the results came back and well they said they you three are in fact triplets" the doctor said

"Omg you guys are related!" Leigh said and the others said at different times but me Becca and Marcel sat there frozen not knowing if we should be happy or sad.

Jades p.o.v

"Well along time when I was about ten I got fed up with being abused at home. Fed up with the teachers at school. I was fed up with trying to please everyone and being the 'good girl' or the 'nerd' because I wore glasses and had perfect grades a* every time. I decided to run away to Bradford. It took me a week to get there. I lived on the streets and then found kids round my age. We started a gang called the Bradford bad kids. It wasn't a great name but the public ended up giving it to us because every time we vandalised something we left a squiggle so the knew it was us bad I guess they could tell we were kids not teenagers yet..." She said and paused for a second

"Then six months later we ended up getting in so big trouble with another gang. They were same age as us and living on the streets of Bradford as well. I was on those streets fighting for a year and a half but I lived on the streets for two years. Then one day war broke out. I was kidnapped by the other gang but managed to escape. That night they decided to kill us all. We all ran but I ended up getting further away from the others. I came to a dead end I couldn't escape because five members of the gang blocked the path. Then we heard a massive explosion. All my gang and the other gang apart from the five who tried getting me died. I was soon found by the authority and put in foster from that day I've been kicked out off schools and changed. I wasn't the 'good girl' or the 'nerd girl' I was the 'bad' girl. Who didn't care anymore. I chased a lot of foster families away. I had this boyfriend we were both the same except he was a player and had no emotions he was cold hearted and we he broke up with me I cried for days weeks months then I changed I became a cold hearted person who can't love and can't connect with her feelings properly" she finished

I can't believe that. It's so sad I began to cry half way through her story. She's got quiet a past. I feel so sorry for her. No wonder she came across so mean and mysterious. Well phase one of the plan complete we got her to open up

"Hey you just said love!" Louis pointed out

"Oh yeah" we all said but at different times

"Can I ask something if you don't mind?" Liam asked

"Sure whatever" Becca said

"Wheres your family now?" Liam asked

"To be honest I don't know. I had a triplet brothers there was me and two boys I was born last out of all of them we were sorta identical we both have brown curly hair and brown hazel eyes. One was a proper nerd like me and the other was sorta a bad boy. We a got put in foster but we weren't aloud in the same foster home or to see each other either. We lost all contact. I wish I could see them." Becca said

"Do you know their names?" I asked

"No I don't" Becca said

"Oh" we all said

"Hang on Marcel Harry and Becca stand next to each other for a sec" Liam said and they did

We all looked at each other wondering what Liam was getting at and then we saw it.

"Harry didn't you say you had a sister but she was taken away from your family?"Liam asked

"Yes" Harry said looking confused so was Marcel and Becca

" you all look alike so could there be a chance your all triplets?" Liam asked

"I guess" Harry said

"Well how will we know for sure?" Becca asked

"Easy DNA test" Marcel said

We left school and went to the doctors. They took samples of their hairs and told us we wouldn't find out till tomorrow. So we all went home. This time we went to Becca's foster home so she could pick up so more clothes.

We walked in and it was so depressing. All the kids were at the table eating. They really didn't look happy but who would being in here.

"Hello Becca great to see you again" some lady said

"Hi Mia I'm just getting some clothes then going again"

"Ok sweetie"

"Don't call me that!" Becca said getting annoyed

"I know I'm just messing. So who's your friends?"

"This is Liam Leigh-Anne Zayn perrie Harry Jesy Marcel louis and Jade" she said pointing at us

"Hello it's great to meet you guys"

"Hi" we all said at different times

"Ok I'll let you guys be see ya" Mia said and walked of

We walked up to her room. It was the biggest room there probably cause she the oldest in the home. Here room was interesting. She had white walls as did every room in this house. Her room looked quiet messy. Like she had clothes everywhere her bed wasn't made. Some draws were open with clothes hanging out but then you come to her desk. On it was her dj set. Then next to that was a bookshelf but it was filled with CDs.

"Cool cd collection" Zayn said

"Thx it's mainly rap and rock" Becca replied

"I have most of these aswell" Zayn said

"Cool" Becca replied in her 'I don't actually care' voice

Wait is Zayn flirting with Becca. If we found out he likes her Perrie would be devastated because she's been crushing on him since fifth grade in primary school when he moved here.

"Hey is this you?" Louis said

"Yeah back when I was a proper nerd" Becca replied

"Sorry but I can't picture you like this" louis said while laughing

"I know I look so different " Becca replied whilst laughing as well

Is louis flirting with her as well? And is she flirting with him? Uh oh I smell trouble.

"You guys ready to go?" Becca asked

"Sure" we all replied

That night we laughed talked and watched Disney movies. We were acting like kids and ended up all sleeping down stairs on the couches together. We woke up and remember we had to see the doctor for the DNA results.

Marcel's p.o.v

I'm really nervous about today. If Becca's my sister then I can't date her but I'd love to have her as my sister.

We all woke up and got dressed. We went to the doctors to find out the DNA results. The time seemed to go really slowly until we got into the room. We all sat down. I was holding Becca's hand and Becca's was holding mine and Harry's hand.

"Ok are you guys ready to here this?" The doctor asked we all nodded

"Ok so the results came back and well they said they you three are..."

Cliff hanger!!!! So what do you guys think the doctors gonna say comment below. Don't forget to like and favourite this please

Kaitie xxxx

I had different emotions to what he just said and by the look on Marcel's face he did as well. Then Becca I guess she hasn't fully connected again with her emotions. We all got up and walked to the cars.

"You guys alright?" Jesy asked

"Yeah" we all said

"You don't look it. You seem upset or disappointed about what you just heard" Jesy said

"Yeah we're fine. It's just I'm confused" Becca said

"Why?" Niall asked

"I'm just confused on why did we get split up?" Becca said

"Probably because your a rebal I'm sorta one to and Marcel's a nerd but I never got split up from him" I said

"Oh ok well at least we've got each other now. What do you think happened to mum and dad anyways?" Becca asked

"Well mum became a part if this gang. Dad was killed dunno by who though"Marcel said

"Oh" Becca said

"How do you know?" I asked

"Cause mum nearly got us killed. She's the leader now" Marcel said

"What's the gang called?" Becca asked

"The English criminals" Marcel replied and Becca's face turned pale white at that name

"You alright becs?" Louis asked

Does louis like my sister or something? He just gave her a nickname. I'm not having him dating my sister no way in hell. I won't have it. I love her and care for her and Louis's my best friend but he can break people's hearts easily. He's a bit of a player plus it will be a bit awkward my sister and my best friend.

"Err yeah" she replied

"You don't looks it" pez said

"yeah yeah I'm fine" Becca said

"Ok" pez said

We all drove home. Well to mine and Marcel and well I guess Becca's now. We got in and order Chinese. We sat up and talked all night but something's wrong with Becca ever since she heard the name English criminals she's been really quite and day dreaming a lot. Could the English criminals be the group she was in trouble with when she was in the streets?

"Hey guys why don't we have a party tomorrow since it is Friday?" Zayn suggested

"Yeah ok" we all said at different times

We all sat up planning until we all fell asleep.

Hey guys hope you like the story so far. So could the English criminals be the group Becca had trouble with a few years back? Comment what you think

Kaitie xxx

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