Life as a badass with no heart

Becca is the most rebellious girl you'll ever meet. She doesn't know the difference between wrong and right. She is unwanted by her family and is in foster. She has no emotions. She doesn't know what it fells like to be loved and she doesn't know how to love. But when she gets expelled from yet another school and goes to st. Michaels school ten people try to change her life for the better and try to show how it feels like to be loved and how to love.
Will they succeed?
Will she fall in love?
Will she change for the better?
Will they fail?
Is it to late for her to feel love?
Is it to late for her to fall in love?
Is it to late for her to connect to her feelings?

A story of hurt pain heartbreak neglected hope and friendship


2. chapter 2

Becca's p.o.v

I woke up at eight this morning. Then I remember I start St Michaels school today fun not. I got up and put on black ripped jeans a band tee and white converse. Then I put a lot off make up on. My eyeliner was heavy and so was my mascara. I walked down stairs and grabbed my rucksack and was about to walk out the door when Mia stopped me.

"I'm taking you today"


"Because I need to talk to your principle"

"Great" I said sarcastically

I got in the car.

~skip the car ride~

Niall's p.o.v

We arrived at school,me and the boys, early cause we then get to hang out before class. We've all got different first period lessons.

I had maths with Leigh-Anne. Louis has practice. Harry has science with Jesy. Then Zayn perrie Jade and Marcel have english.

We all got out and met eachother. We did laps before class. Then the bell rang and we all walked off.

Becca's p.o.v

I got out the car with Mia and we went to the principles office ~skip the meeting~ Mia then left and the principle walked me to my first lesson.

"Hello sir who's this"

"This is Becca"

"Hello Becca"

"Hi" I said full of enthusiasm not

"Ok well class I want you to be very kind to Becca"she said "why don't you go sit at that back table"


I went to sit at the back with two boys and two girls. One boy looked like a total nerd the other looked like a bad boy. The two girls looked really pretty. One had redish-brownish hair and wore light blue skinny jeans a white crop top with black braces with black converses and a black hoodie. The other had blonde curly shortish hair a nose piercing. She also wore blue skinny jeans with a white crop top with black spots on it with a white hoodie and black converses.

"Hey" the bad boy said


"What's your name?" The nerd boy said

"Didn't you hear Becca"


"Oi don't talk to him like" the bad boy said again

"Sorry" I said but not viciously but not meaningful either "so what's your names?"

"I'm Perrie" the blonde girl said

"I'm jade" the other girl said

"I'm Zayn" the bad boy said

"I'm Marcel" thd nerd said quietly

"Don't be scared I don't bite well unless you ask for it or dis me or something"

"Ok" Marcel said a bit louder

"So why did you come here to the amazing St Michaels?" Perrie said sarcastically

"I got kicked out of my last school"

"Why didn't you go St Mary's or haydon or St Joan of ark or reech or York house? (A/n I don't know if any of these schools exist or not) "

"I've been kicked out of them aswell"

"Oh" they all said

"Why?"Jade asked

"I beat people up"

"Why did you do that?" Marcel asked

"Doesn't matter"

"C'mon you can tell us" Zayn said

"Yeah but I just met you guys"

"So you don't seem to bad as long as you don't mess with any of my friends especially Marcel you won't have a problem with us"

"Is it just you four then?"

"No there's six others but their all in different classes you'll see them next period" Jade said


"So why you beat them up?" Marcel asked

"Well when I was twelve I was put in foster cause I was neglected by my family and ever since then people say shit about them so I beat em up plus there was this other incident that got me kicked out of two school"

"Oh" they all said

Just then the bell rang and we walked out if class

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