Life as a badass with no heart

Becca is the most rebellious girl you'll ever meet. She doesn't know the difference between wrong and right. She is unwanted by her family and is in foster. She has no emotions. She doesn't know what it fells like to be loved and she doesn't know how to love. But when she gets expelled from yet another school and goes to st. Michaels school ten people try to change her life for the better and try to show how it feels like to be loved and how to love.
Will they succeed?
Will she fall in love?
Will she change for the better?
Will they fail?
Is it to late for her to feel love?
Is it to late for her to fall in love?
Is it to late for her to connect to her feelings?

A story of hurt pain heartbreak neglected hope and friendship


17. chapter 17

Sorry I haven't updated in ages there was a problem with my account but I'm going to update now on all my books so enjoy 

Kaitie xx

Harry's p.o.v

I can't believe this. I finally found my sister and then I lose her again to my mother and her gang. I can't stop crying neither can louis. I know all about the gang but it's hard to track them. This is all my fault.


Becca's p.o.v

I was tied up to a bed. I couldn't move I feel in so much pain right now. It's dark and quite to quite. Suddenly a door opens and a light comes on. I see I figure but can't tell who it is. I know it's a women though. She comes right up to me and I see her properly. She's pretty really pretty.

"Hello dear" she said

"Who are you?" I said

"Ooo aren't you feisty just like when you were younger"

"I repeat again who the fuck are you?" Getting a bit more angry this time

"Oh you don't remember me?" She said and pulled a bit of my her out

"Ow! What was that for?"

"Don't worry honey it'll make perfect sense later"


"I'll tell you now get rude to me and there will be consequences"

"Like what?"

"Oh well I guess your brothers are gonna be here soon so it would be nice to hurt them"

"Don't you dare touch them!"

"What you gonna do your tide down?"

"Why are doing this?"

"Because you gave me so much pain and now it's time you felt the except same pain"

"What did I do to you?"

"Oh you actually don't remember well let me refresh your memory you killed your dad"

"I don't know who my dad is or my mum"

"Well I'm your mum"

"Ok and you want to hurt your own kids?"

"No just you"

"But how come you said you wanted to kill them to hurt me"

"They need to be killed they keep getting in the way and so do those boys you hang out with it's only the girls we need"


"That doesn't matter"

"It kinda does cause they're my friends"

"Not now though. I've got to go Zack we sort you out" she said then walked off



So Harry and Marcel weren't lying. She really does want to hurt us well its weird she wants Perrie Leigh-Anne Jesy Jade and I alive and the others dead. It doesn't add up.



Just then I heard footsteps. Loud heavy footsteps. This time I knew it was Zack but why did he try doing this he seemed so nice but it was an act. You can't get a nice sweet guy with out a catch.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked

"Because you deserve it" he said


"Don't you remember?"


"Few years back when you were eleven I believe you and your gang killed most of us a part from your mother me Jake tom Rianna and Britney"

"You've got it wrong"


"We weren't meant to kill you guys. It wasn't my idea and if you remember it wiped out my gang as well"

"Yeah but they shouldn't try blowing us up"

"We didn't it was some other group called the Bradford bad boys"

"I don't believe you"



Then he got a knife out and cut down my clothes that was my favourite and only dress and tights. Then he put a sluty out fit on. Then guided me out the house and into an abandoned warehouse. Luckily I had my phone on me so I could call Harry.(b-Becca h-Harry


B- hey Harry it's Becca

H-Becca are you alright?

B-I'm fine I'm in an abandoned warehouse

H-do you know where?

B-yeah it's by the edge of town but that's all I know

H-I know where you are. We'll be right there

B-ok but harry be careful they want to kill you guys

H-don't worry

Then the line went dead


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