Life as a badass with no heart

Becca is the most rebellious girl you'll ever meet. She doesn't know the difference between wrong and right. She is unwanted by her family and is in foster. She has no emotions. She doesn't know what it fells like to be loved and she doesn't know how to love. But when she gets expelled from yet another school and goes to st. Michaels school ten people try to change her life for the better and try to show how it feels like to be loved and how to love.
Will they succeed?
Will she fall in love?
Will she change for the better?
Will they fail?
Is it to late for her to feel love?
Is it to late for her to fall in love?
Is it to late for her to connect to her feelings?

A story of hurt pain heartbreak neglected hope and friendship


16. chapter 16

Becca's p.o.v

We had a party at Harry's tonight. It was he biggest party ever. So many people came but I didn't know any of them.

I kept seeing one boy looking at me. It was kinda creeping me out. I walked over to him. He was wearing black ripped jeans black converses andd a black nirvana top. He had brown spiky hair and blue eyes.

"Hey" he said

"Hey do you mind not starring at me it's weird you creep!" I said with sass

"You don't remember me do you?" He said

"No who are you?"

"Oh shame you don't remember I'm..."

"Hang on one sec I've just go it's go somewhere quick stay right here" I said and went to Harry

"What?!" I said annoyed

"Stay away from him"


"Cause he's bad news and apart of that gang the English criminals"

"You can't control me"

"Becca he's bad news and I don't want you getting hurt"

"Yeah he is" luke suddenly said and I looked around and saw everyone standing in a circle

"Why what's he done that's so bad?"

"Well our mums apart of that gang and she will kill us" Marcel said

"Yeah right" I said and ran out the house

"Becs wait" louis said and we all ran after her

Then suddenly outside I saw a bunch of people crowding round me in a circle. They were all wearing black. But I was able to see them thanks to two street lights. I looked at them and reconsigned five of them. One I was talking to inside. They all got closer to me. I tried to escape and managed to but I tripped over something and couldn't get up in time. And soon they picked me up and throw me in a van or something.

"Becca!" I heard Harry shout

I heard them all walking but it was too late. The can doors shut and it started to go. I was scared I think I don't know but I wasn't like normal.

Cliffhanger!!! Comment like and fravouite for more

Kaitie xxxx

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