Life as a badass with no heart

Becca is the most rebellious girl you'll ever meet. She doesn't know the difference between wrong and right. She is unwanted by her family and is in foster. She has no emotions. She doesn't know what it fells like to be loved and she doesn't know how to love. But when she gets expelled from yet another school and goes to st. Michaels school ten people try to change her life for the better and try to show how it feels like to be loved and how to love.
Will they succeed?
Will she fall in love?
Will she change for the better?
Will they fail?
Is it to late for her to feel love?
Is it to late for her to fall in love?
Is it to late for her to connect to her feelings?

A story of hurt pain heartbreak neglected hope and friendship


10. chapter 10

Becca's p.o.v

We all started getting ready for the party. This was my first party in years. The girls helped me get ready. They made me wear a short strapless black dress with white dots on it and high black heels. Jade did my make up and nails.

We had just all finished getting ready when we heard music and people. We all walked down stairs. These heels weren't actually to bad. The girls all split and then louis came up to me.

"Wow you look wow" louis said

"Thankyou" I said blushing

"Do you want to dance?" He asked


And we started dancing. I've never danced like this before. His hands were on my waist and my arms were wrapped around my neck. I saw Harry getting annoyed and giving me the signal to come over to him. He's got really protective since he found out I'm his sister. I let go off louis.

"You alright?" Louis asked

"Yeah it's just I think Harry wants to talk to me. I'll see you in a sec" I said and walked over to Harry

"What's up?" I asked

"I don't want you dancing with louis like that!" He said seriously

"Why not we're just friends"

"For now"

"What you mean for now?"

"No doubt you'll get close go out then he'll break your heart and I don't want you getting heart"

"Fine" I said and walked off

I saw Zayn standing alone so I decided i walked over to him.

"You alright?" I asked


"So why you standing alone?"

"Everyone's dancing with a girl or a boy"

"Oh yeah"

"Do you maybe wanna dance?"


Then I danced with Zayn the way I did with louis except Louis's more gentle as Zayn is more daring in away.

The party soon ended around two the next day and we all tidied up a bit till the house was looking reasonable. By the time we finished it was about ten o'clock in the morning and we all fell asleep. Then when we woke up it was Monday.

We all got ready and went to school. It was a good journey just talking about what we did at the party.

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