Good girl?

Zayn and Jade are two completely different people. She's shy insecure self conscious and mega quite plus she's a bit of a nerd who gets bullied. He's the bad boy who's dark dangerous confident and he doesn't give two shits about what people think of him plus he's the bully. She's only got eleven friends while he's friends with everyone.

They don't talk or go near each others unless he's beating her up but one class project they get paired together. Her friends don't like her being with him but she has no choice. She then realises he's different to normal guys. Soon things change but
Is she the good girl or the bad girl?


9. chapter 9

Jades p.o.v

I woke up tied to a chair. I was now more scared then ever. It was black and I couldn't see. Just then a light goes on and five people walk in. Ones my dad. Why is he doing this? Especially after he's planned my future.

"Hello Jade"


"No need to be scared unless you don't tell the truth"


"How do you know Zayn Malik?"one guy asked

"He goes to my school" I said in my shaky voice

"Why are you involved with him?" My dad asked

"We were assigned an art project and me and him had to work together"

"Why does he always pick you up and drop you off during the week?" Another guy asked

"I don't know" this time I was lying. Then I get slapped hard

"Tell the truth honey we're here to protect you" my dad says

"No! Your not protecting me he was not you!"

"Don't raise your voice at you farther!" My dad said and slapped me

"I'm gonna ask you one more time why does he always pick you up and drop you off during the week?"

"He was trying to protect me from you guys making sure I'd get home safely"

"Is that what he told you?" Someone asks


"He got to her" I heard one say kinda quietly

"What do you mean?"

"He's lied to you sweetheart"my dad said

"No! He didn't! He couldn't of!" I started crying

"He did he does it to all girls when they figure out he owes money. Then he turns them bad"someone said

"I'm sorry sweetie you've been brought into this your lucky we got you when we did otherwise you'll be a bad girl like all of them" my dad said

"Maybe I don't want to be the good girl anymore"

"He's done more damage then we thought" another said and the all agreed

"He's done no damage I'm just fed up with being the good girl"

"You know your always gonna be the good girl with the amazing future" my dad told me

They then untied me and dragged me out the house and into an old abandoned warehouse. They pushed my down and tied my hands with rope around a metal pole. It was cold. Then they left. I realised I could get one hand out and that I had my phone. I called Zayn (j-Jade z-Zayn)


J-Zayn it's Jade


J-yeah I'm in an abandoned warehouse

Z-do you know where?

J-no I don't sorry

Z-don't worry...

J-shh someone's coming stay on the phone though

"Hello Jade"

"W-w-who are you"

"Don't be scared and I'm reece"

"W-w-what d-d-do y-yo-you w-w-wa-want?"

"Just to have some fun"

He untied my arms from the pole and picked me up. SHIT!!! My phone fell from my pocket. Oh no I'm in so deep trouble now.

"Oh and is this your phone?"

"Err no"

"Really so your saying it just happened to fall out your pocket but it's not yours?" And I nodded

"Don't lie to me!" And he pushed me and I smacked my head on the metal pole "so who are we calling Zayn is it" I started to shake in fear (r-reece the guy with me z-Zayn)

R-hello Zayn

Z-what do you reece


Z-then why did you just push her

R-cause she deserves it

Z-no one deserves being treated like you treat them

R-you do worse Zayn

Z-no I don't

R-forget it Zayn she knows all about you

Z-what did you tell her?!

R-the truth about how you change all the good girls into bad girls

Z-I don't do that

R-yes you do Zayn you can't hide the truth now Zayn

Z-don't listen Jade please

R-don't try to get her back Zayn she's ours now

Then the line went dead. He put the phone in his pocket and grabbed my arm pulling me up. He then pushed me on to a bed. Oh no! He then took out a knife and cut down the middle tearing my clothes. He took them of and put something else on. It was a slutty dress. Then grabbed my arms and handcuffed them to the bed along with my feet.

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