Good girl?

Zayn and Jade are two completely different people. She's shy insecure self conscious and mega quite plus she's a bit of a nerd who gets bullied. He's the bad boy who's dark dangerous confident and he doesn't give two shits about what people think of him plus he's the bully. She's only got eleven friends while he's friends with everyone.

They don't talk or go near each others unless he's beating her up but one class project they get paired together. Her friends don't like her being with him but she has no choice. She then realises he's different to normal guys. Soon things change but
Is she the good girl or the bad girl?


7. chapter 7

Jades p.o.v

It's Friday. I've gone a week without being beaten. Me and Zayn have spent a lot of time together. The only time we're not is lunch and break. I never forgot the others. They don't particularly like me being around him. They say he's bad news and not to hang with him but I have no choice.

School ended and me and Zayn walked to his car like always. We went and worked on our project and he dropped me off at my house. This time though as he pulled into the driveway. He saw my dad and this guy get out of my dad's car.



"Have you seen those guys before?"

"Ones my dad I don't know who the other guy is"

"Your coming home with me"


"I'll explain later"

We arrived back at his place. Why was he acting all weird? We sat in silence the whole journey and he drove really fast. He stopped the car and we got out he pulled me up the drive way while running and pushed me in the house causing me to fall and slide across the floor.

"Z-Z-Zayn w-w-what's g-g-going on?"

"It's a long story but your dad's part of the group wanting to get to you and the other guy was the guy who wanted the money the other day"

"No! My dad wouldn't be a part of something like this" I said while tears streaming down my face. Zayn came closer and I curled up in a ball

"I'm sorry I got into all of this and I'm sorry you had to find out about your dad this way" he said and knelt down beside me.

He wrapped in arms around me and calmed me down but it couldn't stop the tears. I kept crying until I fell asleep.

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