Good girl?

Zayn and Jade are two completely different people. She's shy insecure self conscious and mega quite plus she's a bit of a nerd who gets bullied. He's the bad boy who's dark dangerous confident and he doesn't give two shits about what people think of him plus he's the bully. She's only got eleven friends while he's friends with everyone.

They don't talk or go near each others unless he's beating her up but one class project they get paired together. Her friends don't like her being with him but she has no choice. She then realises he's different to normal guys. Soon things change but
Is she the good girl or the bad girl?


2. chapter 2

Jades p.o.v

I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock. I had a shower and wore blue skinny jeans a white blouse tucked in with black braces and black geeky glasses. I also wore black converses. I put my hair in a pony tail like always and went down stairs to have breakfast. My phone went off and it was liam. (L-Liam j-Jade)


J-hey what's up

L-we're outside

J- ok I'll be out in a sec

L-ok bye


I grabbed my bag and walked outside. I sat in the back with Pez louis and Jesy. Leigh was in the passenger. We put the radio on and our favourite song came on wake me up by accivi. They all started singing except me I hated to sing in front of people evan those I'm closes to.

We soon arrived at school. I started shaking nervously when I sawyer populars and him. Zayn Malik.

"It's alright don't worry Liam said stroking my hand and I calmed down a bit.

We all got out of the cars. I was walking with Luke one side and Micky the other but I guess that didn't stop the populars. We walked over to the doors but I got tripped by guess who Zayn.

"Oops I'm sorry" he said all innocently and reached his hand out to help my up and just when I thought he was no he then he pushed me too the floor again. Then I but my lip to hold back the tears.

"Aww you gonna cry?" The head cheerleader and the slutiest of them all Lucy said

"Leave her alone what did she ever do to you!" Luke yelled

"She was born" Zayn said

"Your all such dickheads!"

"Oooo We are affended" Lucy said being sarcastic

"Come on Jade let's go" Luke said helping me up.

Then they all walked of to class. Luke helped me up but I couldn't walk properly I kept collapsing though.

"Let's get you to the nurse" Luke said

"Ok we'll go to class see you at lunch" Liam said

"Ok bye" me and Luke said together

"Bye" everyone said at different times.

Me and Luke went to the nurses office. I was in so much pain but having someone there with me the pain wasn't as bad I guess.

"Oh my what happened?" The nurses said

"I tripped and fell pretty bad" I replied

"Are you sure?" She's asked


She bathed my cuts and put a plaster on them to stop the bleeding. That's all she could do to be honest.

"Ok be more carful next time please"

"I will"

Then Luke helped me up and we said thank you. Then slowly we walked out.

"Why did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Lie about what they did"

"Because will just get worse if the teachers find out"

"So you'd rather them beat the shit out of you"

"The beatings will get worse if the schools find out"


Then we walk in silents. I looked at my time table and my next lesson was art. The one lesson where I had no friends in and instead I had Zayn. None of the other populars were in there but I did have to sit next to Zayn.

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