Good girl?

Zayn and Jade are two completely different people. She's shy insecure self conscious and mega quite plus she's a bit of a nerd who gets bullied. He's the bad boy who's dark dangerous confident and he doesn't give two shits about what people think of him plus he's the bully. She's only got eleven friends while he's friends with everyone.

They don't talk or go near each others unless he's beating her up but one class project they get paired together. Her friends don't like her being with him but she has no choice. She then realises he's different to normal guys. Soon things change but
Is she the good girl or the bad girl?


12. chapter 12

Louis's p.o.v

We heard pez scream and we ran upstairs. We saw Jesy knocked out. Pez was tied to the bed with jades dad on top of her but there was no sign of Leigh.

"Oh hello come watch the show" he said smirking

"Get the fuck off her!" I yelled getting my gun out pointing at him

"You wouldn't shoot"

"How do you know?"

"I just know"


"I know your parents louis"

"What?! How?!"

"Louis put the gun down and we'll explain everything" I heard my mother say and I did what she said

"Louis what are you doing?!" Niall exclaimed

"Niall trust me"

"Good boy" my dad said then people grabbed Niall and haz

"LET EM GO!!!"

"Louis calm down" my farther said

"Now your hanging with the wrong people louis please join us" my mother said

"NO NEVER I CANT YOUR THE WRONG PEOPLE!" Then I took another gun and shot the people holding haz and ni. Then I was about to shoot my mum and dad

"No louis don't you know that's not right!" Harry shouted

"Why shouldn't I so they can go kill Jade and everyone else?"

"Louis don't!" Harry said but it was to late I did it. I fell to the floor. I clasped.

Harry's p.o.v

Luke Ash Cal Micky went and found Leigh and Micky found her lying unconscious like Jesy and carried her into where we are. Niall untied pez and carried her. She was shaking and crying. Luke carried Jesy and I carried Lou down stairs. I was worried about him. Never has he tried killing people.

We walked down stairs with Jade in Zayn's arms She was crying and was becoming pale. Then we heard an ambulance. They went to hospital we followed the ambulance well except Zayn he wanted to be with Jade at this point.

We waited hours in the waiting room until a nurse came out and told us the news.

"So Mr Tomlinson has come round and so has the girls all except Jade she's fell into a coma"

We all started crying except Zayn he nodded but as soon as the nurse left he ran. I ran after him. God he was quick. I tried keeping up with him but he turned a corner and went out of sight I couldn't find him.

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter. Like comment and favourite please.

Kaitie xxxxx

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