Good girl?

Zayn and Jade are two completely different people. She's shy insecure self conscious and mega quite plus she's a bit of a nerd who gets bullied. He's the bad boy who's dark dangerous confident and he doesn't give two shits about what people think of him plus he's the bully. She's only got eleven friends while he's friends with everyone.

They don't talk or go near each others unless he's beating her up but one class project they get paired together. Her friends don't like her being with him but she has no choice. She then realises he's different to normal guys. Soon things change but
Is she the good girl or the bad girl?


1. chapter 1

They say I'm the good girl. They say I have a future. They say I'm gonna be a lawyer. They say I'm gonna go to college and then law university


What if I don't want to be a lawyer. What if I don't want to go to college or university. What if I don't want that to be my future. What if I don't want to be the good girl anymore what if I want to be like him but I don't know how to change.

I want to be like him Zayn Malik. The badest boy of the school. The guy that everyone fears but their friends with him.

I want to be like him but I'm scared I'll get rejected by everyone. I'll end up on the streets with no one to turn to.


What if i get what I wanted. What if I become the bad girl. What if though I realise this isn't what I want and suddenly my life has gone. It's one thing that could change everything. One door opens should I walk through it or should I close it?

Hi I'm Jade thirwall and this is my story about how I became the girl I am today (a/n no ones famous in the story)

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