She will be loved

Holly Johnston was a normal teenage girl she had amazing friends and family. little girls looked up to her thought she was perfect but what people didn't know was holly hated life. She is bullied everyday she self harms she hates herself. She thought no one could save her until she met the one and only Luke Hemmings. Can he save her? Or will she push him away like everyone else?


9. mobbed

2:30pm hotel

Kylie's P.O.V

I fluttered my eye lids open and looked around I was the hotel I looked at the clock beside my bed and seen 2:30 in block red writing I clinched my eyes at the bright light.

I looked again before I realised the correct time "wake up wake up now" I said jumping out of the comfy king sized bed " we slept in" I say hitting holly with a pillow.

Holly's P.O.V

"Wake up wake up now" I heard a voice say it sounded like Kylie's " we slept in" the voice says again before I get a thump on my head.

Yup that's definitely Kylie I thought before jumping up "what's going on" I ask

"We slept in it's 2:30pm" Kylie says

I look around to try and wake Sarah she isn't there. " where is Sarah" I asked.

Right before I got an answer Sarah walked out of the bathroom dressed in a pink dress and pumps. Her hair was in curls and was flowing down her back.

" oh good ye are awake" Sarah says all nicely

"What the fuck Sarah? Why didn't you wake us?" Kylie says in frustration

"Oh I'm sorry but I couldn't sleep so I turned off my alarm and went for a shower and got ready" she explains

Sarah can be a bit light headed at times she is an air head.

"Let's just get ready" I say as I pick up my outfit for shopping and walk into the bathroom not waiting for a response. As I turn the shower on i look around "this place is huge" I say to myself louder then expected.

Sarah had make up everywhere Kylie isn't going to like this seen as she has a bit of an OCD I laughed to myself as I strip down.

I let the warm water flow over my body as my long Brown hair stuck to my back. I rubbed my wrist wear my scars are as looked at my fat Thighs were more scars appear.

I wash my hair and step out of the shower everything is fogged up. I write "Luke loves Holly" on the mirror.

I blow dry my hair and straighten it letting my blonde dip dyed ends just cover my boobs. I slip on a Rolling Stones tee and high wasted shorts but made sure they covered my cuts. I slip on some vans and do my normal make up routine. Foundation,mascara,and maybe attempted to do a winged flick with my new liquid eye liner.

I'm finally finished and step out of the bath room where the girls are waiting. Kylie is already ready and I grab my bag and head down to the lobby.

We could hear screams as we got closer to the lobby. "What the fuck is going on" Kylie spat the elevator doors open and boom it was filled with screaming girls and What looked to be Photographers the same ones as this morning.

"How are we meant to get out now" I asked I got no response. Sarah headed straight to the main desk. The woman there looked like a slut her shirt half opened revealing her big boobs. Lipstick all over her teeth and blonde fake hair you could see her extensions. It wasn't like Sarah's golden real locks. This woman's was clearly fake you could see her black roots appear.

"Go out the back way" she said in a thick Dublin accent she didn't even make eye contact. We followed a man in a suit and he showed us the back door from there we made out way out onto the streets.

"What the hell was that" Sarah said as she threw her arms up in the air

"I don't know but how are we going to get back after shopping?" Kylie asked

"I don't know but I'm sick of sticking around here let just get a taxi and go to the shopping Centre" I said as I tried to get a taxi

Eventually we got one and headed for some shopping time.

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