She will be loved

Holly Johnston was a normal teenage girl she had amazing friends and family. little girls looked up to her thought she was perfect but what people didn't know was holly hated life. She is bullied everyday she self harms she hates herself. She thought no one could save her until she met the one and only Luke Hemmings. Can he save her? Or will she push him away like everyone else?


6. getting excited


Holly's P.O.V

Its finally Thursday last day of school for me anyway.

Sarah Kylie and I are taking tomorrow off to go shopping for the concert on Saturday.

As I sat in mr Adams class I thought about meeting Luke and how amazing it will be but what I he doesn't like me I thought my smile faded away I quickly turned to Kylie

"what if he doesn't like me" I said all hurt

"what are you on about hol who won't like you" she said confused

"luke what if he doesn't like me". "MISS JOHNSTON TURN AROUND AND STOP TALKING" Mr Adams said in an angry tone

I slowly turned around to my desk tears filled my eyes something hit the back of my head a piece of paper I quickly opened it.


• Holly

Don't be stupid of course luke is going to like you hell he is gonna love you. You are perfect so pretty,amazing figure, one of my best friends he is going to fall in love with you. So stop thinking badly of yourself because you are more then perfect.

Love Micheals sugar bear ;) •


I laughed at the last bit Kylie is obsessed with Michael is so cute they would be adorable. She has met him twice already and the pictures are so so cute.

I smiled my sad tears soon turned into happy tears I turned around smiled. The bell rang and I got up and hugged Kylie as hard as I could "you are choking me" we both laughed "

now I remember why you have been my been my best friend since child hood" I said eyes filled tears. " Aww you big softy" Kylie said laughing we both walked to the cafeteria where we met Sarah.

Lunch went really fast it was last class now and I couldn't wait for it to end I hated maths so I really wanted it to end. The bell finally went and me Kylie and Sarah ha to wait behind for talking

it's the only class we are all together in and we always get in trouble. "Okay girls this has to stop ye need to settle down" miss rain said

right at that moment all 3 of us started singing settle down by the 1975 witch got us in even more trouble. We got extra homework that must be in by Monday.

" I'm not doing it " said Sarah as we walked out to the Kylie's car "like I'm going to do homework the weekend of 5sos you must be joking" I said laughing the girls agreed

we all went to Kylie's house where we will be staying tonight. We live just outside of Dublin so we had to get a hotel in Dublin City Centre for the concert.

We discuss the hotel over dinner and decided that we would all stay together in one room. Sarah left the kitchen rang the hotel to double check our hotel room me and Kylie made our way to her bed room after a little while Sarah appeared and said "okay that's perfect thank you " while hanging up the phone and sat down on The bed

"the hotel said they had to move our room the the third floor because of some mix up and the whole 4th floor is booked up I said that was okay? Is it?" Said looked for our approval "that's sound" I said taking a sip of tea Kylie agreed.

" okay perfect we will be staying at the we talk the rest of the night about the ragency hotel" Sarah said all excited. We stayed up talking about the concert until it was almost it mid night we decide to get some sleep because we have to be up early to drive into the city tomorrow and get settled into our hotel room.

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