She will be loved

Holly Johnston was a normal teenage girl she had amazing friends and family. little girls looked up to her thought she was perfect but what people didn't know was holly hated life. She is bullied everyday she self harms she hates herself. She thought no one could save her until she met the one and only Luke Hemmings. Can he save her? Or will she push him away like everyone else?


4. back to the hate

Holly's P.O.V

I heard my name being shouted at from downstairs "holly wake up NOW you are going to be late"my lovely mother called out to me.

I slowly got up and looked around I'm not much of a morning person. I began to make my way to the bathroom and turn on the shower. The hot water ran down my body I washed my brown hair and conditioned my blonde dip dyed ends.

After my warm shower I dried my hair and decided to leave it down and wavy not bothering to straighten it.

I then did my make up it was only simple foundation, mascara and a bit of eyeliner. I then get dressed after 10 minuets of choosing an outfit I decided on blink182 band tee, ripped skinny jeans, grey converse and a grey beanie.

I wasn't out to to impress anyone I just like to be well dressed. I walked down stairs to my mother giving out for me taking so long. I didn't have time for breakfast witch caused another argument.

I slowly walked out the door and to school It didn't take that long. I entered the doors of hell I don't have time to go to my locker.

I was walking to class when I walked straight into someone it was her. Rachel Matthews the schools bully she was blonde, tall ,skinny the definition of a barbie doll she was perfect in every lads eyes.

She was my Bully the reason I cry at night and hurt myself "move fattie" she spat I quickly moved and mumbled "sorry" I began to walk faster to class

"late again miss Johnston" Mr Adams said without taking his eyes off the bored "how did he know it was me" I said quietly but not quite enlighten because he heard me "No one else is ever late for my class only you and I could hear those horrible black shoes squeak form a mile away" he said looking directly into my eyes.

The class just laughed I quickly took my seat beside Kylie "hey" she whispered I smiled back I don't know how I became friends with Kylie she is so pretty like a model she had jet black hair with red dip dye she looked like Chrissy Costanza maybe even prettier.


it was the class before lunch Music class it is my favourite subject Because there was no mean people in my class and the teacher miss cannon is awesome the coolest teacher I know but that's not all I feel so free in musician feel like it's just me and my guitar. The bell rang and it was lunch I was meeting Sarah and Kylie. I made my way to the bathroom before meeting the girls when I bumped into someone it was Rachel.

Sarah's P.O.V

It was lunch I had just got out of science and went to the cafeteria to meet Kylie and holly. I seen Kylie sitting with some other girls and I went and joined them the girls moved away as soon as I got to the table.

" I guess people still haven't got over the fact I used to be friends with Rachel" I said sadly

"give it time saz" Kylie reassured me I gave a weak smile "hey where is hol" I asked surprised because she is usually the first one here "

she was in music last class shoud I we look for her there" Kylie suggested?

" yeah good idea she usually isn't this late" I said while walking.

We got to the music room and it was locked "where could she be" Kylie said sounding worried.

We made or way back to the Cafeteria we walked past the girls bathrooms when we heard shouting.

Holly's P.O.V

I Walked into the bath room and Rachel was in there. I walked past her and began to wash my hands "so where is Robert these days I haven't seen him since my birthday party?"

Rachel said laughing "it's just he is a really good kisser and I would love to do it again with him" she said walking by me

"fuck you Rachel" I screamed "you can have him he is nothing anyway" I stated to get blurred vision I was tearing up.

"He said a lot about you that night holly he told me all about you and your stupid scars maybe you should cut deeper next time" she sniggered and walked out of the bathroom

I fell straight to the floor crying looking at my scars.

Kylie's P.O.V

Rachel walked out o the bathroom as we walked in "you better check on your fat friend she seems to have picked the wrong time to stand up for herself" Rachel said while laughing.

I went to say something but we heard a band I pushed past Rachel and ran in to the stall to find holy lying on the ground crying.

Me and Sarah helped holly up and we brought her home. Since i could drive we went straight to my car.

When we got to Sarah's house since that was closer then mine or Holly's house we all got out and sat around the kitchen table.

We sat in silence for 5 minutes before Sarah came with tea for us all. "Please tell us what happened hol" Sarah said with pleading eyes holly looked hurt like she did when she found Robert in bed with Rachel.

Holly's p.o.v

"Please tell us what happened hol" Sarah said I stared at her and wondered did she really care?

She was blonde, skinny,shorter then the rest of us but has a bigger mouth. She can stand up for herself. She can get any lad she wants but chooses not to go near them maybe that's why her and Rachel stopped being friends Rachel is a slut Sarah isn't.

I looked once more and began to speak " she told me Robert told her about me cutting"

I managed to spit out I then told them everything what happened. They looked speechless didn't know what to say. It was 5pm by the time I got home. I went straight to my bed room and thought about what Rachel said calling me fat " am I fat"?

I took out a weighing scales and stood bare foot on it 122 lbs it read. 8 stone exactly I need to loose more weight.

I then look off all my make up slipped into my pyjamas and got into bed didn't bother having any dinner.

Soon after playing on my phone listening to some music I began to slowly drift off to sleep.

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