She will be loved

Holly Johnston was a normal teenage girl she had amazing friends and family. little girls looked up to her thought she was perfect but what people didn't know was holly hated life. She is bullied everyday she self harms she hates herself. She thought no one could save her until she met the one and only Luke Hemmings. Can he save her? Or will she push him away like everyone else?


1. interduction••

Holly Johnston was a normal 17 year old teenager living in Ireland. She listen to punk rock music like many other teenagers but in her school she was considered an outcast because of it. If it wasn't for he best friends Kylie Moon and Sarah Taylor she wouldn't have anybody. When her friends buy her 5 seconds of summer tickets with meet and greet tickets for her birthday she was overjoyed. She loves 5sos especially Luke. But Holly has a secret she hated life no one knew only her best friends.She self harmed when she was 15 she swore she would never do it again but will she keep that promise? When she meets luke backstage will sometime happen between them? Will he want to help her when he sees her scars? Will she push him away?

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