Summer Romance

Anna and Dan have been best friends their whole lives and always pushed away the feeling they had for each other because they didn't want anything to go wrong and ruin their amazingly beautiful friendship but now they are ready to take risks and live their summer as no other before .


1. Anna

I woke up because I wanted to , not because I had to and not because my alarm clock started ringing telling me it's time to go to school . It was the summer vacation and I couldn't be any happier . 

'' Anna get you'r lazy ass out of bed now , we are going to the beach !'' my best friend Dan stormed into my room shouting . 

'' Shut up idiot , I'm awake .'' I tell him sounding sleepy .

'' Are you sure now ?'' he asked me and all of a sudden he was on top of me tickling me to death . I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. He stopped after a while and said ,'' Now I know that your awake '' He winked at me then looked me straight in the eye . He looked at me is a way that he never looked at me before . It made me feel all shy and tingly on the inside . Why is he doing this? I thought we agreed on putting our feelings behind a long time ago . Dan leaned down some more until I could feel his breath on my lips . His lips touched mine and I felt like I was on cloud 9 . The kiss was gentle and held so much love but we couldn't , could we ? We put any feelings behind a long time ago . I pulled away and asked , "Why are you doing this ? You have no idea how much it hurt seeing you with all those girls , I liked you so much for all this time and when you said we have to put any feelings behind I agreed even though it hurt like hell and now here you are kissing me . What do you want exactly ? A summer romance ? Because I'm not the right girl for that . " I told him getting louder and louder .

He shut me up by pulling me back into a kiss and once again it felt like my body was on fire and fireworks were going off everywhere .

"What do I want ? I want you Anna , I want to make everything up to you , my feelings for you never went away I just pushed them away because I thought you deserve better than me , look please don't hate me ok ? I know I can be a player but when it comes to you , my baby girl I will stop all my player ways and be faithful to you and no I don't just want a summer romance I want you for as long as you want me too . I just want us to have the best summer possible together . Anna I know this is very sudden but will you please be my girlfriend? Your already my best friend we can be both at the same time we can be best friends and we can be a couple , please ? " Dan said without stopping once .

I kissed him harder than the first two times and he kissed back with exactly the same amount of passion . I pulled away and said "Yes,yes,yes."

He picked me up bridal style out of my bed then put me down on my feet in front of him and hugged me spinning me around .

"So baby , how about the beach today ? As a first date ? " he asked .

"Ok sure , I'll just go take a shower and then we'll go . " I told him , giving him a kiss on the cheek then running into the bathroom .

After I was done with having a shower . brushing my teeth , face ( you know just the usual ) I wrapped a towel around me and walked into my room , forgetting that Dan was still there . I looked around but he wasn't there. He probably went downstairs or something . I went to my wardrobe and opened the door . All of a sudden Dan jumped out wrapping me into his arms and falling on the bed on top of me . Good thing my towel was secure enough . We both laughed but then I had to get up and start putting some clothes on . 

''Pink or black ? '' I asked Dan holding up two bikinis. 

''Black.'' he said winking . 

I also picked high wasted black denim short and a white crop top with my black and white converse . I went into the bathroom and got changed then french braided two braids in my hair . I didn't bother with make up because it was very hot so it would end up running down my face and I would end up looking like a zombie anyway . I went back into my room to get my little beach bag ready and Dan wasn't there . Oh not again ! But then I heard voices from downstairs and I knew he was probably talking to my parents . I hurried shoving a towel and spare clothes in my bag and also deodorant then hurried down the stairs nearly falling on my face in the process . 

''Congratulations you two !'' my mum came up to me and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek . 

'' Awww congratulations baby , it was about time .'' Dan's parents came up to me and gave me a hug .

'' You better take good care of her Dan .'' my dad told him giving him a hug . 

'' I need food everybody get out my way !'' I shouted and went to make myself some cereals. Oh god , food is so good . 

'' Are you ready babe ?'' Dan asked me .

''Yeah let's go .'' I tell him jumping on his back . I could already see this day turning out amazing. 





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