What's the Point? Things That Annoy Me.

This is a Movella about things that annoy me. Its also about things that I don't understand. About things that make me think 'What's the point?


6. When people dislike your book

I don't exactly see the point of hurting someone's feelings by reading their book, not liking it, and going to the comments to put something like:

I hate this Movella. Please delete it so that others don't have to read it.


Why do they allow garbage like this to be on Movellas?


This book is rubbish. Why do you write so terrible?

I believe that this is rude and unnecessary. It can hurt people's feelings when told something like that. I don't see why people do it. I am very sorry if I offended anyone, but I just thought that this needed to be put out there. I think that when you don't like a book, don't go into the comments and hurt the author, just go find another book!


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