What's the Point? Things That Annoy Me.

This is a Movella about things that annoy me. Its also about things that I don't understand. About things that make me think 'What's the point?


7. Sninny

I don't even see why this is popular. Ginny is eleven when she first meets Snape. Snape is about thirty or forty something. How is this even scientifically possible? And Snape hates all the Weasleys, so why would he like (in Malfoy's opinion) Weaslette? This is just like Snarry. Not going to happen anytime soon. Remember that. Oh, and im again, sorry if I offended any Movellians.

    ~~~I<3DracoMalfoy (Or should I say I<3Ron/Harry,) seeing as I don't like Draco all that much anymore. :)

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