What's the Point? Things That Annoy Me.

This is a Movella about things that annoy me. Its also about things that I don't understand. About things that make me think 'What's the point?


5. Snarry

I don't even care if you get offended Snarry is one of the grossest things ever to be written. Well I guess if written right it could be ok. But Snape is around 30 when Harry is 11 and that's just gross. Besides who forgot everything you ever read about Snape until The Deathly Hallows.ok what we knew and thought was Snape is a really mean lonely old guy who hates Harry. So Harry will not be in a relationship with a mean old guy who hates him because he looks like his dead father.(their will be a section just for Snape) also incase you didn't notice Snape has had it out for Harry since before he was even sorted and I pity Harry if he actually was sorted into Slytherin.


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