Time To Lie


Rules are put in place for restrictions and order. But sometimes, those rules do a whole lot more then put someone in their place.
Ada knew that there was something hidden from her, but it wasn't until she truly delved into her home a little more, will she discover the one thing that can make her whole life shatter and burn. Or what future is to come.
Thank you to the wonderful Mahogany Pumpkin for the cover!


6. Hidden Secrets


Ez! Ez! Ez! screeched Ada, flinging the nail file across the room and jumping back.

Ada! Calm down soothed Ezra, trying to grab the girl that was making a fast exit out of the room. Hands on her shoulders, he wrapped her into a hug. He could feel the constant thud of her heart against his chest, and the fast-paced breaths she couldn't control. One hand still round Ada, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny clock.

The noise was almost un-bearable and it took a little while for Ada to register that it was this small thing that was making the insane racket. With a click, Ezra turned the alarm off. A disturbing peace settled on the room, Ada's head buried amongst the clean material of his blue top, Ezra's arms wrapped around her back. She begun to calm down, their breaths synchronising, hearts slowly thudding less. A sort of romantic boom that echoed in their rib cage and threaded between them both.

What the hell was that Ez? questioned Ada, pulling herself away. A screen of guilt pulled across his face and he tucked his hands into his pockets, shrugging a little.

My alarm Ada. It's set for when I go to tea. My mum said that I'm coming home too late nowadays. I kept meaning to say but then we ended up in front of the Crying Cupboard, so that thought melted away. I'm sorry.

I thought it was some sort of trigger, Ez. I panicked.

I saw grinned Ezra, fingers brushing the alarm. Both their eyes were dragged to the split tape, bent and floppy, falling down. Only the padlock was between them and the secret. The secret.

Ada, my mum will kill me if I don't go home right now. Promise me that when I get back, you know the secret. You've got the tool, right? Ada nodded, flicking her eyes to the lock-picker on the bed.

Good. Bye Ada. Enjoy. He slid out of the room without another word, and the light steps of his feet going downstairs made her panic. Ezra had just gone, now it was down to her. No more coaxing or pushing or help. Just a tool, a padlock and herself. With slow breaths, she edged closer to the cupboard.

Ada had never really observed it that much. But the closer she got, the more beautiful it seemed to be. Along the edges were tiny carved swirls, not the deep brown of the surface, but a light and sandy colour. Ada let her finger dip in and out of the carvings, stopping at the birds. In the corner, carved so small, was a flight of birds. Some pecking the ground, others with wings outstretched and beaks turned up. They're tiny, beady eyes staring straight up at something right at the top.

Straining her eyes, Ada could just see the letters. CCDMH. What did that mean? Was the CC for Crying Cupboard? If so, what was the DMH? She couldn't figure it out.

Catching sight of the rusted padlock, Ada shook herself out of thought. Ezra was busy eating pizza and waiting for her to open up the cupboard. Discover this amazing secret. Darting over to the bed, her fingers curled around the lock-picker and she stepped back over to the cupboard.

One hand around the padlock, she inserted the tool into the lock. With a bit of jiggling, she heard a click. The noise, so sharp and sudden, struck her for some reason. Ada's fingers were black and slightly cold from the metal. With hope, she let go of the padlock and went to open the doors. But there was no need. They opened themselves, as if wanting to reveal the secret on their own.

What Ada saw made her heart plummet with grief and shocking horror.

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