Diary of the forgotten one

The 17 years old Kirsten Rolin has just recently decided, that the year 2015 was going to be the year she would start from a scratch. Her past has been filled with moments not one person would forget. Her lone and drunk dad has given her some scars everyone in her sight is talking about. How will she forget that? Those are the scars, that'll be staying, as her story continues. Not everything is a possibility to erase. Her future is foggy, but as her willpower takes over she is about to leave her past behind to discover, her future, filled with moments of her so far miserable life. As she goes along the road, she writes down a personal journal to cover what amazing changes she’ll pursue. How her head managed to leave behind her past? No one knows, maybe it doesn’t.


5. Day 4; Let no one down, stand tall, and fight brave!

Dear Diary

It’s only day 4 and I’m already doubting the choice, Everyday, I go to my room, to tell myself to accept the fact that my life is as it is… But the first thing I hear afterwards is my dad, shouting, yelling and hitting the wall… Drunk, you could call it. I prefer calling him irresponsible. Honestly I don’t think he deserves to take care of anyone, as long as he can’t even take good care of himself.

Whenever I get to my nearer future, I’ll be sure to get kids to show them that I do care and don’t just lose it all over one simple change. I want to make my point that, no matter what influence my past has on me, it won’t matter, I’ll do good. I just want to prove society wrong for once. I will not let anyone down!

But in the end, I probably will end up disappointing some people in my entire long and unmanageable life… I’m 17 years and I already consider calling quits. I have considered that since I was 15, and almost non-stop I have been inspired to say stop to it (Life).This is getting to deep. But I just want it out of my goddamn head to understand what is even happening… No one deserves such thoughts. It’d be unbearable to live with. I know!

Everyone should be able to live a life without the fear of ending it. Without wondering if it’d be worth leaving.


You can do it!!


Just as I can!

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