Diary of the forgotten one

The 17 years old Kirsten Rolin has just recently decided, that the year 2015 was going to be the year she would start from a scratch. Her past has been filled with moments not one person would forget. Her lone and drunk dad has given her some scars everyone in her sight is talking about. How will she forget that? Those are the scars, that'll be staying, as her story continues. Not everything is a possibility to erase. Her future is foggy, but as her willpower takes over she is about to leave her past behind to discover, her future, filled with moments of her so far miserable life. As she goes along the road, she writes down a personal journal to cover what amazing changes she’ll pursue. How her head managed to leave behind her past? No one knows, maybe it doesn’t.


4. Day 3; Stay true to who you are

Dear Diary

Another day, another fight. And damn, yesterday was a tough fight! If I had to guess, I would assume that I wrestled against world’s strongest person…

 I was in this park, nice and peaceful; there were some voices of the birds around. I went to go for a walk. I needed a refreshed mind. This little girl, she came up to me. She then all of the sudden said to me, and I recite:” Why do you look so different. It doesn’t suit you. It’s not what Pretty likes!”I was speechless. From this question I got to an answer, this girl, around the age of 8 maybe 9. She had this fictional character around her all time. She had the reminder to fit in, at such a young age. She already knew what you have to, and what you don’t have to, to be accepted! She knew that in the society there are simply things that are banned from the category “beauty”. Honestly. After all I’ve ever come across to be a part of. Everything I’ve done to, makes me never ever want to hear the word “beauty”. It drives me insane. Just to listen to the world around me, doing I don’t know how much pain. To simplify their needs to fit in to their group, gang, part, what you want to call it.

I don’t blame them, as the gregarious animals we humans are. We can’t go on our own, not for long. We’ll do whatever to fit in to a clique… Even lose the person we are…

Se that is what scares me the most!

Doing everything for everyone…

To fit in a place you don’t belong to.

Just giving up you to someone who may not appreciate you. It disgusts me..

Please don't do so. I beg you!..

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