Diary of the forgotten one

The 17 years old Kirsten Rolin has just recently decided, that the year 2015 was going to be the year she would start from a scratch. Her past has been filled with moments not one person would forget. Her lone and drunk dad has given her some scars everyone in her sight is talking about. How will she forget that? Those are the scars, that'll be staying, as her story continues. Not everything is a possibility to erase. Her future is foggy, but as her willpower takes over she is about to leave her past behind to discover, her future, filled with moments of her so far miserable life. As she goes along the road, she writes down a personal journal to cover what amazing changes she’ll pursue. How her head managed to leave behind her past? No one knows, maybe it doesn’t.


2. Day 1; A new me

Dear diary...


Today is the day I’ll start my new life, my heart is finally ready for the wanted change. I’m moving out of the house in just 1 year, as long as it won’t disappoint my dad. Sorry, enough. I have been waiting for some glow in the dark for me to come away from the past. Today is the day! Stored for today, is my room, it needs to be redone for me to clean my mind. I need to redecorate it, completely, to make it more me! Be more, the person I need to convince my dad I am. Not his little princess. At least not any longer. I’ve finally come to realize the change I need to make. To really become Kirsten Rolin, for everyday I’ll change something to make me forget the old times. It’ll take some time, but as long as I can get my needed support from the support group I’m in. They’ll understand me I’m sure!..

Tonight I’ll finally see Mariah again, dinner night at her place. It’s been so long.  It’s always a good thing she’s not new to my story. She knows more about me than even I do. It’s just a pleasure to know someone, who doesn’t have the urge to hurt you every heartbeat of the day. She is a good person, I can tell by her heart. It just shines, with calmness. She is a person I can understand. Like my non-existing sister, that’s what she is!

I can’t wait to start off my day. 1 out of 365. Bring it on. Now I’m ready…. Finally!

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