Diary of the forgotten one

The 17 years old Kirsten Rolin has just recently decided, that the year 2015 was going to be the year she would start from a scratch. Her past has been filled with moments not one person would forget. Her lone and drunk dad has given her some scars everyone in her sight is talking about. How will she forget that? Those are the scars, that'll be staying, as her story continues. Not everything is a possibility to erase. Her future is foggy, but as her willpower takes over she is about to leave her past behind to discover, her future, filled with moments of her so far miserable life. As she goes along the road, she writes down a personal journal to cover what amazing changes she’ll pursue. How her head managed to leave behind her past? No one knows, maybe it doesn’t.


1. Kirsten Rolin, me.

Who I am as an individual? I ask myself that a lot...

Kirsten Rolin, seventeen, most people ask about my scars before my name, I’m your regular college girl, daddy’s girl. Or, I used to be. Now even he is a stranger to my life. I wouldn’t say I’m living the ‘normal’ life. Some moments have gone through my life that I don’t feel the need to agree on. I finally just want to leave it all behind, to find my identity to not let anyone or anything in my way. I want to be me, and this is the year I’ll accomplish it! I will not let myself down. I’ve tried so hard the last years. But I’m finally ready to move on and become me! Kirsten Rolin!

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