Calum's cousin

Hello, I'm Alexa Hood. I had lived in Sydney, Australia with my cousin, Calum Hood and his mother, Joy Hood. I moved out of Australia to live in America with my mother because she has lung cancer. Two days ago I found out that I have to move back to Australia with my cousin because my mother had died. I'm really nervous about moving back because Calum is in a band called 5 seconds of summer and I don't know if him being in a band has changed him. Me and my best friend, Jillian, love their band, especially Luke Hemmings.


3. Our suprize duet

Alexa's POV:

I woke up in the morning in my bed with the clothes I had in yesterday and a blanket was pulled over me. There was a pice of paper taped to my cheek that said

"Me and the boys went to band practice. See you when we get home. -Calum"

I guessed that I was home alone. I had just got here and I wanted to explore the house, so I will. I walked over to the door and opened it. I stood there for a while to regain my vision. Once I did, I walked to the end of the hall to an oddly shaped door. It was oval shaped and was painted light blue. I walked in and I gasped. I was standing face to face with a room of beautiful guitars. I walked over to one that looked pretty good but not to good. I picked it up and started playing a song called "Teenage Dirtbag."

I started to sing

"Her name is Noel, I had a dream about her

She rings my bell, got gym class in half an hour

Oh how she rocks those kedds and tube socks

But she doesn't know who I am and she doesn't give a damn about me

Cuz I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

I-" I got cut off.

I here someone's voice start to sing alone with me. I knew who that someone was... It's was Luke Hemmings. I can recognize his voice anywhere.

I turned around and saw him already making eye contact with me. He was still singing when he nodded which I think meant he wants me to keep singing. I nodded back and started to sing with him.

Luke's POV:

Calum told me to get a new guitar since I broke all of the strings on the one I was using. I herd someone singing as I was approaching the guitar room. I stood out side of the door for a couple of moments to listen to the beautiful singing. I then opened the door and started to sing. When I started to sing, she stopped because I think I startled her. I realized it was Alexa who was singing. I was hoping she would turn around so I can see her beautiful eyes.

When she turned around we made eye contact quicker than lighting. She has the most beautiful brown eyes. They were twinkling. I nodded trying to get her to sing again. I think she knew what I meant because she nodded back and started to sing.

We never broke eye contact until Michael came running in almost screaming.

"Luke, We were waiting for at least 20 minutes for you to get a guitar!"

Michael never looked down at Alexa until I said something to her.

"Bye Alexa. You have a very pretty voice."

"Bye Luke. You have a way better voice." She said and kind of blushing at the end of it.

I smiled, grabbed a guitar and walked away leaving Michael there.

Alexa's POV:

Michael came in yelling at Luke. He didn't realize I was there because he didn't look at me once while he was yelling at Luke. But his eyes shot to me as Luke said

"Bye Alexa. You have a very pretty voice."

I shot back "Bye Luke. You have a way better voice." I blushed.

Luke smiled and took his guitar. He walked away.

Michael was still looking at me

"I think I should go" I said with my hands shaking.

I put the guitar down and as soon as I stares for the door Michael took a step closer to me and said

"Yeah we should go but I am sorry for interrupting that little moment"

I giggled a little bit as we both walked side by side out of the door.

"Oh it's fine Michael. I think you have to get back to practice."

He laughed.

"Your right Alexa. Bye"

"Bye Michael."

He walked down the stairs and out the door. I ran to my room and quickly texted Jillian what had just happened.

"Jillian!" I wrote to her.

"What, what happened" she answered back

Me and Jillian have a connection. Like when I'm about to text her she answers me back as soon as I click send.

"Ok. Your probably not going to believe me but, ME AND LUKE HEMMINGS JUST SANG A DUET!" I typed

"NO FREAKEN WAY! I HATE YOU" she replied

I laughed a bit because I know she loves me.

"You know you love me" I write

"Yah, I do." She texted

"Bye Jillian" I write

"Wait…give Luke a kiss for me (:" she writes back

"Haha you wish"

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