Calum's cousin

Hello, I'm Alexa Hood. I had lived in Sydney, Australia with my cousin, Calum Hood and his mother, Joy Hood. I moved out of Australia to live in America with my mother because she has lung cancer. Two days ago I found out that I have to move back to Australia with my cousin because my mother had died. I'm really nervous about moving back because Calum is in a band called 5 seconds of summer and I don't know if him being in a band has changed him. Me and my best friend, Jillian, love their band, especially Luke Hemmings.


4. Going on tour

Alexa's POV:

"Alexa!" I heard someone call from down stairs.

"Yah?" I yelled back.

"Come down here. We have to tell you something" I think the voice was Calum. It was Calum.

I didn't respond because I was in the Process if changing out of the clothes I was warring yesterday. As soon I was finished I stared walking down the stairs.

"Alexa!" Ashton started to say as I was walking down the stairs.

"It's about time" He said.

I smirked a little. I stood in front of them. They were smiling the biggest smiles I have ever seen.

"What is it" I asked

"Well as you know we are kind if famous." Calum said

"Kind of? More like a lot" I said back with a smile.

They all laughed.

"Anyways, go on" I said

"Oh yah right. Where was I? Um a little help Michael." Calum said stupidly

I laughed a quite little laugh.

"We are going on tour!" Michael said

"OMG congrats guys!"

"Wait, there's more." He said

I kind of knew what was coming next. I was excited at what I knew or what at least what i thought was coming.

"Okay boys on the count of three" Luke said.

"One...Two...Three" they all started to count

"YOUR GOING ON TOUR WITH US!" They all shouted. It was so loud my friends in America could of here them.

Even though I knew what they were going to say I was still excited.

I ran up and hugged all of them but when I got up to Luke he held me a little bit longer that everyone else. I didn't mind it. The way he held me actually made me feel safe.

I pulled away because I knew the rest if the boys were looking at us. He let me go because he knew the boys were looking at us.

"Thank you guys soo much!" I shouted feeling embarrassed about what had just happened.

"Anything for my little cousin" Calum said knowing that me and Luke are having a little connection.

"And guess what" Ashton said happily

"What" I said

"The tour is in America. Even more spascific your home town!" He said actually more like a shout

"You mean New York?!" I said very excited

They all nodded

"This is amazing!" I exclaimed

"We leave in two months" Calum said

There was an awkward silence between us. Me and Luke made eye contact which was not bad. He bit his lip like he did the first time we met. When he did that I blushed and looked away. He let out a little giggle. What did that mean?

Mali came in the door.

"Alexa." She said

I looked up at her which meant I was listening.

"Do you want to come with me?"

"Yah sure" I said. I didn't really care where we were going, I just wanted to leave the awkwardness.

We walked out the door and into her car.

"So did they tell you?" She asked excitedly

"Yah they did" I replied

"I think they forgot to tell you something" she said

I popped up and asked her "what did they forget?"

"You are going on tour and your best friend, Jillian"

I smiled "really!? Are you kidding!?"

"Nope. This is for real!" She said

"This is amazing. Wait where are we going?" I asked

"Just shopping" she said


I felt my phone vibrate. I got a text from Jillian.


I laugh and text back


I turn my phone off and look out the window. I started to think about Luke's eyes. They were so beautiful. That's all I could think about. I couldn't even think about going on tour. I wonder if he was thinking the same thing.


Thank you guys for reading. I really hope you guys are enjoying it. (:

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