Calum's cousin

Hello, I'm Alexa Hood. I had lived in Sydney, Australia with my cousin, Calum Hood and his mother, Joy Hood. I moved out of Australia to live in America with my mother because she has lung cancer. Two days ago I found out that I have to move back to Australia with my cousin because my mother had died. I'm really nervous about moving back because Calum is in a band called 5 seconds of summer and I don't know if him being in a band has changed him. Me and my best friend, Jillian, love their band, especially Luke Hemmings.


5. A Grand Canyon smile

Alexa's POV:

When Mali and I walk into the mall there was a whole lot of screaming. I think it was because they knew Mali was Calum's sister but I wasn't sure so I asked her.

"Mali, why are they screaming?"

"It's for us" she replied

I looked at her and smiled. I took my phone out and vide-taped everything and then sent it to Jillian with a caption saying

"This is for me. All because I'm Calum's cousin. I never felt so important :)"

The reason I wrote I never felt so important is because I'm not really known by people back home. I tried to to become known but know one was really interested.

Jillian didn't respond which means she is so excited for the tour, she is already picking out her clothes when we leave in two months.

"Um Alexa, I think we should go because I think we are going to get mobbed by all these people" Mali whispered in my ear

I nodded in agreement

Mali and I rushed out of the mall and started to drive home. And out of know where it started raining cats and dogs. I got a text from Calum

"Are you guys okay? It's raining really bad." The text from Calum said

"Yeah we are fine. Well be home soon." I type back

"Okay be safe" he replied

I shut by phone off and decided to take a nap.

In about 10 minutes I'm being shaked awake by Mali

"Alexa, wake up were home" she says calmly

I mumbled at her and fell back asleep.

I here her light foot steps walk away from the car. I then here big and slightly loud foot steps walk towards me.

I get startled by the persons touch.

"Alexa it's okay, it's just me… Luke" the person says now holding me like a princess.

I am now smiling on the inside of me so big, it could be larger that the Grand Canyon.

I rapped my arms around his neck as he walked inside the house, up the stairs and into my room.

Luke placed my down gently on my bed and pulled the covers over me.

I herd him walking away but then he stopped. His foot steps started to become closer to me. I am lightly touched on my forehead with what felt like his lips.

I guess he was thinking about me as much as I was thinking about him.

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