As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two:

*Chantelle's POV*

"Hey gorgeous" Lucas exclaimed and hugged me, "looking good!" "Thanks it's Louis Vuitton I think" I smiled, "I wanna change. You know what to order." "I like the clothes you're wearing! I don't get why you change it" he called after me. "Whatever Lucas" I laughed and went to the ladies room. And as soon as I was done changing I went back to see Lucas sitting at a table with our breakfast.

"Just what I need" I giggled as I sat down. "That also fits you really good though" Lucas said, "you're gorgeous.. If I was straight." I laughed at his comment, "thanks Lucas.. You always know what to say.. And if I was gay.." He laughed and playfully hit my arm, "shut it Chantelle."

"I missed this school" Lucas said sarcastically and breathed in, "it could use some perfume." "I have some in my bag" I teased, "but yeah it really does!" "We'll start with the men's room" he chuckled. I laughed at him, "sure.. Go ahead.." I grabbed my perfume and gave it to him, "just don't use all of it.. My mom used a lot of money.. Not that I really care but she'll kill me!" "I won't" he laughed, "see ya sweetie.." Then he was gone. He was seriously gonna do it. He was the craziest I had ever known but he was wonderful and the best friend ever!

"Hey babe" I heard Carter's voice behind me. I turned around smiling a fake smile, "Carter." "A pleasure as always" he smirked and pecked my hand. I quickly removed my hand. I got chills all over my body. He was so disgusting. "I gotta go now" I smiled and walked away but he followed me.

Well let me tell you something about Carter. He was the quarterback on the school's football team and had a crush on me. He was pretty hot though and every girl thought that but his personality made him ugly, you know. He had dark brown hair, kinda tan skin, green/grey eyes and had some of the best abs I had ever seen but his personality ruined it all. Actually I didn't think he liked me, I thought that he just wanted to make me like him like any other girl in this school. That was what pissed him off, me not liking him as the only one.

"So babe what about you become my girlfriend? It fits. We fit together. You're the most beautiful girl on school and I'm the quarterback of the school's football team" he explained, "we're meant to be together!" I turned to look at him pretending to think about it actually as if I was considering it. "It's never gonna happen Carter" I smiled a flippant smile and turned around again.

"You just got yo ass burnt Peterson" I saw Bieber and his posse walk down the hallway with smirks on their faces. I couldn't help but chuckle at Carter, then I turned around and grabbed my books. "Hey Leblanc" Bieber called after me as I started walking down the hallway. Sighing I turned around, "c'mon just say that little comment you always say." "What I don't do that" he said and come close to me. "Are you gonna be there on Friday?" he whispered in my ear. "Don't know Bieber" I smiled, kinda a fake smile, I didn't like him at all. "Give me a break girl" he chuckled, "are you?" "Have to talk to my parents.. They're going to a freaking golf-thing and I have to go" I whispered, "but sure I'll be there Biebs." "Really?" he asked kinda lighting up. "Don't know" I chuckled, "I have to talk to my parents!" "She's coming" Lucas said as he walked through the crowd, "and so am I... And you keep your hands off her Justin!" "Whatever man" Bieber looked at me smiling, "looking forward to seeing you Friday Leblanc." "If I'm going I probably won't hang out with you Bieber" I smiled flippant, "see ya.." "You just got dumped bro" his posse exclaimed chuckling. I chuckled along with them and looked at Lucas. Then we walked away.

"Pass me the ball Leblanc" Tanner exclaimed and I passed him the ball and then he dribbled a couple of times. "Leblanc you ready" he exclaimed and passed me the ball. I caught it even though the other team had basically made a circle around me then I took the shot and threw it directly into the basket. "Good one Leblanc" our couch shouted and I smiled at him. We only had gym in 3rd period and 4th.

"Smith switch with Bieber" couch shouted and Tanner ran out and Bieber ran to where Tanner stood. The couch blew his whistle and I passed the ball to another team mate and she grabbed it. She didn't know what to do with it so she passed it to Bieber who dribbled all the way to the basket and then he passed it to me because he wasn't able to take the shot because of people surrounding him. I was way too far away but I took the shot and everyone went quiet as the ball went directly into the basket. Then everybody on my team cheered including Bieber and gave me a high five.

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