As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


12. Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve:

*Justin's POV*

"You're so freaking annoying!" she exclaimed, "why the hell did you ignore me for like a whole week or something?! I know what I did was bad but not that bad!" I couldn't help but laugh a little, "I'm sorry.. I wanted to see the bitch inside of you and I did!" She raised an eyebrow, "shut up! How dare you? Do you know how down I was about this? I couldn't tell anyone!" "I'm sorry I just thought you could use someone who was against you like that" I said, "I didn't mean to make you feel down.." "Well you did.. And now you're just laughing at it.. So goodbye" she said really annoyed and pushed me outside the door and shut it. I sighed. I just made her mad. She'll get over it.

After a while I got up and knocked on the door, "I'm sorry for ignoring you. I only should've done it for a couple of days.. Are we done fighting now? I don't really like it." "Accepted but I'm still mad at you" I heard her voice. I chuckled and waited for her to open the door. While I waited I looked at their garden. It was huge and beautiful. Flowers, bushes, everywhere and a few green trees. The grass was green as well.

"Whatcha doing?" Chantelle asked. I shook my head and turned around. "Nothing.. Just looking at your garden" I said, "it's huge!" "Yeah" she sighed, "I think it's giving us the biggest amount of attention ever and I hate it.. Our friends and stuff always comment on it and tell us how beautiful it looks and then they can continue for hours!" I chuckled and pecked her cheek. "It's so beautiful and what kind of water do you use? I mean to keep it that green you have to use some special made water right?" I teased and saw her raise an eyebrow. "You're so annoying" she groaned, "but you're also kinda sweet!" "You too beautiful" I smiled and took some hair behind her ear. "So how's home?" she asked smiling at me. I shrugged as I started kissing her neck. She quietly moaned. "Could be better" I mumbled against her skin, "but she is gone by now." Then I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and smiled. She smiled back, "why are you smiling like that?" "You" I smiled and pecked her lips. "Why?" she giggled. I looked into her eyes again, "because you're so beautiful! And the fact that I get to kiss you and everything, makes me smile." She slightly blushed, "thank you Justin." "You're welcome" I whispered and kissed her. She moved her hands around my neck as we kept kissing and I slowly moved to a wall and rested my hands on her hips. She pulled away then mumbled, "my parents will be home soon." "So?" I looked at her. "They can't see you here" she said, "if they do you'll get kicked out. If they saw us make out they wouldn't ever let me see you." "When are they gonna be home?" I asked. "In about an hour or half an hour" she pecked my cheek, "and I have to clean up." I looked confused at her, "but there's so clean." "I know right?" she exclaimed, "but I have to do it. My mom will freak out and shout at me if I don't!" She was lucky to have a mom she could be annoyed by. I thought she should be happy with what she had but I didn't wanna ruin it for her when she told me a problem of hers. "Let me help you" I mumbled and kissed her. "Okay Bieber. We have 10 minutes of free time and then we must clean" she told me seriously. "That's all we need beautiful" I smirked and made her swing her legs around my waist. "For what?" she giggled as I carried her upstairs. "For this" I crashed my lips onto hers and gently put her down on her bed. "Oh" she giggled as I got on top. "That's fine by me" she smiled right before I kissed her again.

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