As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three:

*Chantelle's POV*

When gym was over it was lunch and for lunch there were sandwiches and a bottle of water.

I sat down at a table with Lucas and my other friend Maia and her boyfriend Tanner. "Great shot Chantelle" Tanner smiled and put his arm around Maia. I smiled at him, "thank you... I didn't even know I could do it." "But you could though" Maia exclaimed, "it was amazing! I would never ever could've done anything like that!" "I've also been playing the most of my life" I smiled sweetly, "anyways these sandwiches are actually great today." I thought for a moment then shouted, "great sandwiches Mrs. Sandler!" "Thank you Chantelle" she laughed along with a lot of the students in the cafeteria. I just smiled and nodded as in welcome. In this school I was known for not giving a damn about what other people thought about me and saying pretty much what I wanted to.

"Finally off school" I breathed out. "Bye Chantelle" Maia said and hugged me. "Bye Maia" I smiled at her and Tanner. He smiled at me and I returned the smile. "Bye Leblanc" I heard Bieber's voice behind me, "great shot today." I turned around forcing a little smile on my lips, "thanks.. And bye." "You'd better come on Friday" he whispered in my ear before walking off. "No way I'm not.. Not if you want me to" I called after him. He stopped and went back to me, "what did you say? Are you one of those girls? Really?" I nodded. "Anyway why do you want me to come so badly?" "Because I wanna show you something" he said his voice low, "and you have to be a little drunk for that because I have no idea of how you're gonna react." "Oh really?" I asked, "I'm not allowed to drink." "Kidding me?" he groaned. "Yep" I laughed, "I'll be there on Friday otherwise Lucas will kill me!" He chuckled, "probably." He actually wasn't that bad. But he was smelling of smoke and got bad marks and didn't do well in school. He was a badass but not when he was talking to me. Then I saw my mom's car pull up. I jumped behind Bieber. "What's wrong?" he laughed. "She can't see me in this clothes.. I have to hide somewhere.. C'mon" I whispered and pulled him backwards behind a wall. "Why not?" he wondered. "Because she won't ever allow me to. She'd actually kill me if she saw me like this.. I change before I go to school because I hate the clothes she makes me wear it's too girly" I explained my voice low. "Okay then" he chuckled, "I thought your parents were nice.." "Yeah many believes that.. But they're assholes and they're strict as hell" I told him. He nodded trying his best not to laugh. I looked seriously at him. "I'm sorry I just never would've thought I'd see you like this.. Hiding from your mom" he chuckled. I hit his arm, "don't laugh.. It's not funny!" "No" he said hiding his laugh. "Is she still there?" He shook his head, "nope you're free to go.." "Thanks" I smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow or Friday.." "See ya Chantelle" he smiled a sweet smile back as I walked away. I felt him look at him as I went into the nearest restaurant. I smiled to myself. Maybe he wasn't that bad? When I had changed I went outside and waited for Lucas.

"Hey gorgeous" Lucas called as I went over to him. I saw Justin look at me. His look said it all, he thought I was looking beautiful in this clothes. "Don't look but Bieber is looking at me" I whispered to Lucas. I turned around and he hugged me, so he could see it. "He's totally checking you out sweetie" he whispered, "he likes you!" "I hope not" I giggled, "I don't want him to get disappointed." "You don't like him?" he whispered. I shook my head, "not really.. Plus I'm lesbian." "Kidding me?" he exclaimed. "Of cause" I laughed, "you should've seen your face!" I laughed hard. "I thought you actually meant it" he chuckled. "You seriously believed me? Do I look like a lesbian?" I exclaimed. "No! No! No! No you don't!" he exclaimed, "not at all!" I chuckled, "thank you."

*Justin's POV*

"Thank you" she chuckled. She was beautiful. I just had to convince her that I'm okay. "Then I wouldn't be able to look at boys with you" he exclaimed. "Yeah but on the other side we wouldn't go after the same guys" Chantelle chuckled, "it's kinda weird." Was he gay? "But he is good looking! Really! But his personality doesn't fit" he said. Chantelle nodded, "he's really hot!! But yeah! He seems so different when he's talking to me.. He seems so normal!" "Does he?" he asked not believing what she just said, "he does look at you when you aren't looking.." "Does he?" she asked, "he's gonna get disappointed Lucas." "If he really likes you, he'll fight till he gets you beautiful" he smiled. Who were they talking about? "Friday" he exclaimed, "we're gonna buy you a dress for Friday!" "I don't wanna wear a dress" she groaned, "I hate wearing dresses and they do not fit me.. Look at this!" It fitted her very well! She was beautiful in it. She really was though. "Shut the hell up! You look freaking gorgeous!" he almost shouted, "we'll buy you a dress so you'll make all the boys faint okay?" Chantelle laughed, "you're seriously the best Lucas! Then we'll find a dress for you too so all the boys will faint!" He looked seriously at her. She kept laughing, "you know I can't help it and you know I love you.. And I know you love me too!" He couldn't help but chuckle at her comment, "yeah I know." "Now let's go" she smiled and grabbed his hand. I hadn't seen her this happy before. When she was with him she always laughed and looked happy. Then my phone rang. It was my mom.

Pattie: "Hey darling."

Me: "*sighing* you're drunk again mom?"

Pattie: "N-no my son!"

Me: "Why did you call me?"

Pattie: "I missed my son."

Me: "You're drunk! I wanna talk when you're sober!"

Pattie: "I can't believe you're saying this to your own mom!"

Me: "I'm saying this because I don't like it when you're drunk and it makes me sad to see you like that!!"

Pattie: "I promise I'll stop just let me come home!"

Me: "It isn't your home mom.. It's my home! And no you cannot come into my home!"

Pattie: "C'mon on my son!"

Me: "Fine! But do you promise you'll stop?"

Pattie: "I promise!"

Me: "I have to look in your suitcase before you walk inside!"

Pattie: "Okay.. I'll be there.."

Me: "See ya.."

I hung up. I knew she wouldn't be there but I kinda hoped she would. Well I went home to clean up a bit and lock all of my alcohol and pills and stuff like that into my closet. Then I ordered pizza and when I had eaten that I went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see my mom sitting on my bed.

"Hi" her nice voice said. I looked at her, she looked miserable, I couldn't let her into my life again. She would just ruin it like all the other times.

"You can sleep on the couch.. I'll just grab a blanket.. C'mon" I said tiredly and found a blanket. "I'm so sorry" she cried out, "I have treated you like shit I know.. Jussi just forgive me please." "You know I can't mom" I said seriously and made her lay down, "sleep tight." I felt the urge to cry. I missed my mom. She hadn't been herself since my dad left and then she started drinking and I moved away.

Well when she fell asleep I started looking in her suitcase for any alcohol and I found five bottles of pure vodka in it. I drained all of the bottles and filled them with water so she thought it still was vodka and then I went to bed.

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