As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen:

*Justin's POV*

"See you tomorrow" I smiled happily and kissed her. "See ya" she smiled just as happy, "thank you for helping." "Always" I gently stroked her cheek, "I wanna listen to you when you have a problem with your mom or dad but it's just hard because I know how it is not to have anyone. I just wish you'd appreciate your parents a little more." "I know.... Look I know that I wouldn't be able to live without them.. They are my parents and I do appreciate that I have a mom and a dad of cause.. I can't even think about how hard it must be for you" she explained, "I just believe that you have to loose it before you realize how much you really loved having it." I nodded smiling at her, "I agree.. I didn't really think about what I had before it went wrong. So I just learned to appreciate the things I get in life." "You've learned one of the best things to learn in life. It's just sad that something like that have to happen before people learn it" she said looking into my eyes. I nodded in agreement, "yeah.. But it happens.. Nobody's perfect." "No" she smiled. "I'd better get going" I said. Before leaving I kissed her again.

"You have me" she called after me. I turned around, "what?" "You said that you didn't have anyone right?" she called again. I went closer to her smiling. "Well you have me, Bieber" she smiled. I didn't know why but I couldn't stop smiling. "And you have me, Leblanc." Then I went back to her and kissed her gently. When we pulled away I stroked her cheek, "thank you.. Seriously.. Thank you.." "Anytime... And thank you too" she looked into my eyes.

Then the next few days she didn't come to school and I wondered why so I went to her house.

"Justin" I heard Chantelle's voice and I turned around. "You can't be here" she whispered, "you have to go!" "What's wrong?" I asked worriedly. She shook her head, "nothing I'm just not feeling well. You have to-" "who are you talking to?" I heard a voice shout. "No one" Chantelle answered. "Who are you?" I saw a lady that almost slammed the door open. "A friend of Chantelle's ma'am" I said. "It's no one mother" Chantelle hurried to say. "Did you do this to my daughter?" she shouted at me. "Do what?" "Did you make her-" "mother! It's not him.. It's nothing.. Just let him go mother" Chantelle exclaimed. "Okay but he cannot be here. He has to go. He is not good company" her mother said angrily and walked off. "I'll call you.. But you have to leave" Chantelle whispered, "I'm so sorry Justin.. I'll see ya soon." Then the door shut. What the fuck happened? Did I make her what? Sick?

Then I slowly realized what might've been wrong. "Fuck.. Fuck fuck fuck.. You're so stupid Justin" I mumbled, "so stupid!"

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