As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


10. Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten:

*Chantelle's POV*

Monday morning. How wonderful. Now I'm gonna meet every single one of the boys I made out with or danced with. And Bieber who I accidentally had sex with in a bathroom. I was fucked up.

"Hey Chantelle" Maia called, "so is it true?" "What's true?" I asked. "With Bieber in the bathroom?" I shook my head looking wondering at her, "no? Why would I do that?" "I just heard it somewhere?" she smiled, "never mind." "Who told you?" "Carter" she said, "who heard it himself.. He heard you two!" "Well it's a lie" I lied and looked at her, "why would he even think that?" "Well you were making out" she cleared her throat, "but everybody does that at parties." "Exactly" I smiled. "There he is" she whispered. I looked down the hall way and saw Justin with his posse behind him. When he walked past me he smiled at me and then he kept going.

"Pass me the ball" I shouted and Justin passed me the ball and I scored.

I cheered like everyone else. We won. Again. "Not bad Chantelle" I heard Justin's voice. "Thanks Justin" I answered and turned around. "Did you tell anyone?" He shook his head, "Nope.. But I think people kinda heard." "Probably.. But whatever.. We were all wasted so" I chuckled. He let out a small laugh, "yeah." "And we won't do it again" I warned. He shook his head, "nope."

I breathed out as he kissed down my neck. Nobody was home. They were at some dinner I wasn't invited to.

"You are gorgeous" he mumbled as he continued down my naked body. First now I saw his abs. They were great!

When we were done we went downstairs, I was wearing his shirt and he was wearing his pants only. We got something to eat then went back up stairs.

"Thank you for today beautiful" he smiled and kissed me gently. "The pleasure was all mine" I giggled and pecked his lips. "Not all of it.. Believe me" he chuckled and pulled me into a kiss.

"When are your parents gonna be home?" he mumbled into my neck, when we pulled away. I shrugged, "probably by-" my phone rang and I answered it. It was my mom. She told me that it took a little longer than expected, so they would probably be home at 3am. "Bye mom" I smiled a fake smile. "Mother!" she said angrily through the phone. "Sorry... Bye mother" and with that I hung up.

"3am" I smiled, "she's seriously the most annoying thing on earth! I can't call her mom. I can only call her mother!" Justin didn't say anything and when I looked up he was gone. "Justin!" I ran outside and saw him walk down the street. I ran as fast I could after him. "What's wrong?" "You don't get it" he exclaimed, "do you any idea of what you just said?" I looked confused at him, "what do you mean?" He sighed, "never mind. Think before you speak up." "What do you mean Justin?" I asked grabbing his arm, "I have no idea." "Then think.. Use that brain of yours" he exclaimed, "I'm sure it works.. Or you could ask your mother. Because you have a mom by your side, some of us don't!" He walked away. "I'm sorry" I exclaimed, "I'm sorry Justin! I'm stupid I know!"

I felt really bad for saying what I did. I shouldn't have complained about my mom when he didn't even have one to complain that way about. He didn't have a mom he could hate and love the way teenagers were supposed to. He was mad at me and I didn't like that. I actually liked him and I didn't want him to leave me that early.

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