As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


16. Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen:

*Chantelle's POV*

Justin kissed down my stomach gently while touching the lower part making me moan. We were all alone. "I love you" he mumbled as he moved his lips to mine. I giggled, "I love you too."

He thrusted inside of me and our moans filled the air. He kept hitting my g-spot making me moan louder.

I woke up feeling sweaty. I was wet so I went to change my panties. I needed him badly. I liked him. Really liked him. It has been a while since I talked to him. I still cut myself. It really helped. My confidence was as bad as it could be but besides that I was doing okay. I moved out. My parents kicked me out and bought an apartment for me in the neighborhood. I decided to call him. I knew he hated me but I wanted to give it a shot.

Justin: "what's up it's Justin."

Me: "um hi it's me."

Justin: "Chantelle.. You don't know how glad I am to hear your voice."

Me: "why?"

Justin: "I missed you like crazy and I heard you moved out so I guess you're better?"

Me: "I don't know.. But I moved out."

Justin: "look I wanna talk if you do.."

Me: "sure."

Justin: "I'll stop by.. Just give me the address."

Me: "it's **********."

Justin: "it's really close I'll be there in a minute. Bye beautiful."

I hung up smiling. His voice made me happy. It made me feel like nothing was wrong.

Then like 10 minutes after I heard a knock on the door. I went to open it. It was him. He smiled at me, "you look better though.. You look beautiful." "Thanks" I looked down. I didn't think so. My thighs were too thick and everything was just wrong. "Come on in." He stepped inside then pecked my cheek. "So how are ya it's been a while?" Only like a month. "Could be better and you?" I smiled. "Me too" he smiled back, "gosh I've missed you.. You have no idea.." I tried my best to smile and I thought it worked.

"C'mon do something.. You look like you could break down any minute" he exclaimed, "I don't care how you'll handle this just as long as you'll get better." I didn't know how to handle it. It was probably getting out of hand. It was so hard not to cut myself when my thoughts were getting too much to handle. "C'mon talk to me" he said, his voice low. He grabbed my arm, "let me in." "If I let you in I'll get hurt or you'll get hurt.. Every sense in my mind tells me that everyone hates me and everybody only wanna hurt me.. That no one can ever love someone like me or even like someone like me" I told him looking at him. "It's your brain playing games with you Chantelle... It isn't realistic.. Everybody can't hate you that's impossible.. There's always someone that likes you or loves you.. It might not be your parents but there's always someone.. It's impossible.. Your thoughts aren't real" he explained, "always someone.. Your brain is just an amount of some jelly kinda stuff.. It can't tell you what to think.. It can't decide how you should feel about yourself.. Don't listen to it.. You're so much more smarter than that and I know it." "It isn't that easy.. And it is right though... My mom told me so.. She called me fat.. She called me a disappointment... She threw me out.. She thought I was disgusting... She didn't even want to go to the hospital with me and get the baby removed because she was embarrassed.. She even hit me Justin.. Right on the cheek.. How can everything else possibly be true.. My mom hates me.. She always has... Lucas hates me.. You hate me.. My dad hates me.. My sister hates me... I hate myself.. I'm fat.. I'm ugly.. I have nothing to do on earth.. I can as well kill myself.. It's-" "stop saying this... But you said it yourself. You hate yourself.. That's why everything is a mess and you think everybody hates you.. It's because you hate yourself.. Firstly you have to realize how beautiful you are.. How wonderful you are.. How amazing, gorgeous, sexy, adorable and independent you are.. You're even the most beautiful girl I've ever seen... Even though you look like you haven't eaten or slept for days. I'm falling in love with you Chantelle.. Maybe I already am in love with you.." I was shocked. He said so many sweet things in such a small amount of time. I said that he was in love with me. I couldn't believe it. How could he love someone who hadn't been loved her entire life and wasn't worth loving. "How-" he cut me off by placing his lips on mine. I couldn't help but kiss back. I had missed him. I had missed his kiss. His soft lips on mine. It made me forget everything. He pushed me up against the wall making me moan. I wanted this.

"I've missed you so much beautiful" he mumbled and kissed down my neck. I breathed out and closed my eyes. Even though I was so freaking insecure about my body I couldn't live without this pleasure. I missed it.

He threw me down on my bed and was about to take my shirt off. I pulled it down. I didn't want to show my body. I was so insecure about it. "I'm sorry.." "It's okay beautiful" he smiled and stroked my cheek, "don't do anything you don't wanna do. Someday it'll be off.. Maybe not today." I smiled a little smile. It was real though. "That's a real smile" he smiled again and pecked my lips, "that's the smile I love to see." I found it so hard to believe him. I wanted to but everything in my body told me not to. "Then I won't take mine off either" he chuckled removing some hair from my face. "That's not fair" I exclaimed. He nodded, "it is. I have a bad week.. I haven't been to the gym." "Shut up" I playfully hit his chest smiling. "As the princess says" he mumbled and gently placed his lips on mine. It was gonna be gentle.

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