As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


6. Chapter Six

Chapter Six:

*Chantelle's POV*

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "Visiting an old friend you?" he smiled. "My mom showed me a castle for my 18th birthday" I looked down. "Shouldn't you be in the hospital?" "I got out when they had taken some tests and then I came here" he told me, "but where's your mom?" "She left" I looked down again. "Why the hell did she do that?" he exclaimed, "it's far away." "Never mind" I said, "I don't wanna talk about it so please don't ask." "As you wish" he smiled, "do you need a hug then?" I shook my head, "I'm perfectly fine I don't need you taking care of me!" "I'm sorry I just wanted to help" he said a little taken back. I looked at him, "I'm sorry.. I'm just handling things a little differently than I should." "Know the feeling though" he said and looked at the road. "You're so different from what people make you seem like" I exclaimed, "you're so down to earth and calm and everything.. Look I hated you yesterday before we talked after school. But now I think you're okay." "Yeah.. People make me seem like a bully and a total dick but I'm not like that. But I can be one when I have to. And yeah many hate me and many love me" he said, "I don't really care though." "Me neither" I sighed. "That's what I like about you" he smiled, "you aren't one of those many girls who cares and who wanna get compliments all the time because their self-esteem is rocking on the bottom." "I just didn't wanna be one of those girls" I chuckled, "those are so annoying!" "They really are though" he let out a small laugh. "I'm sorry for asking but that Lucas guy.. Is he gay?" I nodded, "he is.. And that's just what I need sometimes you know... It's nice to have a guy friend who you know for sure won't fall in love with you or something.. Or suddenly kisses you.." "So you don't like guys that suddenly kisses you?" he chuckled, "I thought girls loved that kinda stuff. It's spontaneous." I nodded, "I do.. I just need to know if they like me or something so I can figure what to say after. If they haven't even shown any interest and then suddenly kisses me, then I don't know what to say... And I don't wanna be in that situation you know." "Okay then" he chuckled. "But be careful though if you ever-" he cut me off by kissing me. I actually liked it. There we were, in the middle of the street, making out.

"How did you like that? Anything to say?" he whispered when we pulled away. I shook my head, "I got nothing." He chuckled, "you thought that was annoying?" I shook my head again, "not really.. That was okay though.. But save it for Friday Bieber." "I don't have anything to save Chantelle.. I've got plenty" he looked at me. "Oh really?" I chuckled at him, "then show me all of it on Friday.." "You have no idea of how wrong this conversation sounds" he laughed. I started laughed, "oh yes I do Bieber. You started I just wanted to see how far it could go before you had to comment." He laughed again, "you're okay Leblanc. You've always been." "And what's that supposed to mean?" "I'll show you on Friday beautiful" he said and was about to leave but turned around, "just one last time." We made out again and then he left without a word.

"Hey baby girl" I heard Lucas's voice, "what was that about?" "I have him wrapped around my little finger Lucas" I chuckled as I got inside, "we just made out." I couldn't let him know that I actually liked it. "That's how it's supposed to be babe" he smiled, "get in.. Where do you wanna sleep?" "On the floor" I chuckled and got in.

"So what happened?" he asked when we had gotten to his house and had gotten some of my clothes and so on. "My mom showed me where my 18th birthday is gonna be and I asked her if I like could decide some of it too. Then she freaked out and was like, you have to appreciate what dad and I are doing to make this day great and that a little humbleness would fit me.. And I don't remember what I said but then she said that I could walk home and that I could use it, then I was like, are you calling me fat. And then she said yes" I explained. "I'm sorry but she ain't good for you.. I can't believe that you turned out this way even though you grew up in that house" he exclaimed. "It's because I had you" I smiled, "you've accepted everything I wanted to do so have your parents!" "I actually think so too" he chuckled. "I'm so grateful to have you Lucas.. Like I don't know what I would do if you weren't here" I said looking at him. He hugged me, "thank you.. You too baby.."

The next day I didn't dare to talk to Justin and I didn't think he did too because we just avoided each other. As the day went by Carter hit on me again and Tanner kinda did too even though I kept telling him that he had a girlfriend. The day went fine and I came home and ate dinner then went to bed and the next day went just the same. But the lies were eating me inside. I had lied to my parents and Lucas.

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