As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


7. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven:

*Chantelle's POV*

Well finally Friday and I was packing for my "sleepover" at Lucas's. I packed the outfit we bought yesterday which was a white tight crop top and a tight thigh-length white skirt with some kind of lace on top of the white material. When I wore it you could see my stomach but I didn't care. And then we bought some Alexander Mcqueen Metal Chain Suede Sandal, which I loved.

Well as soon as I had sneaked all of that out of my house I went to Lucas's house and got inside.

"How are ya sweetie?" Lucas asked as he started applying my makeup. Smokey eyes and dark purple lipstick. "I'm good and you?" I smiled. "I'm good too" he smiled back, "ready to see the guys faint because of how smoking hot you're gonna look?" I laughed, "of cause.. Always!"

When he was done applying makeup and curling my hair I put on my clothes and put on some dark purple nail polish. He started getting ready himself. We had of cause drunken some shots while we were getting ready so we weren't sober when we arrived.

"Party rock is in the house tonight" I bawled as I went inside. People were dressed up and some were making out in the corners. Some of the guys turned around and then their jaws were on the floor. I smirked for myself and walked as sexy as I could to the bar with Lucas behind me and ordered some shots.

"Hey Chantelle. Looking good" one boy after the other said to me. And I answered, thank you babe. You too.

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