As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One:

*Chantelle's POV*

"It's time to get up darling" my mom shouted and knocked on my door. I groaned and turned in bed. It was too early. "It's time for school.. It starts in half an hour sweetheart" she tried again sounding annoyed. "In a bit" I mumbled and pulled the blanket over my head. My mom opened the door quickly and grabbed my blanket. "It's time to get up young lady! Do I have to tell you twice Chantelle?" she said angrily. "Calm down mom" I exclaimed, "you're gonna wake up the entire neighborhood!" "Chantelle Juliette Leblanc do not talk that way to your mother! And do not call me mom.. It's mother" she stormed off. "You're so annoying" I shouted after her.

She was really pissing me off. The more she talked that way to me the more I wanted to do the total opposite of what they wanted me to and wanted to be the opposite of who they wanted me to be. I always asked them why they had to be that strict and they always answered by saying that their parents did the same and they turned out to be great business people with everything under control and a happy and wonderful life, so why shouldn't I have the same opportunity as them? Like my big sister? I got so angry every time they told me that. How could they even say that this was a happy and wonderful life? It wasn't! You couldn't do anything. Well back to reality.

I let my feet bump down on the warm floor and dragged myself to my bathroom. We had a huge house with everything. We had a basket court, pool, american football court, tennis and all of that stuff, but I wasn't allowed to use it. Only my mom and dad could use it. No one ever used the football court or basket court which really bothered me because I liked those things. They weren't boring. Something was going on all the time and I loved that. I only got to play it in school. I was forced down in some clothes I really didn't wanna wear, like white skirts and white shirts and my hair was forced into a high pony tail which was hurting my scalp. But I secretly had another closet with sneakers and skinny jeans, jerseys and so on and I sneaked an outfit from that closet into my shoulder bag before I went to school so I could change in a bathroom.

I really wasn't a wonder child as they wanted me to be. My sister took that place long time ago when she started playing classical piano and cello and all that boring stuff and I was forced to go to her boring concert. They all called her wonderful and so talented and she was really the child every parent dreamt off. Then there was me, the left over, the unwanted child, who liked basket ball, football and skating (sometimes). But my sister also turned out to be a diva/bitch who got everything she wanted, actually like my mom and dad so she got the life they wanted both me and my sister to have. I would never ever want a life like that. Never. It was simply too boring. Well back to reality.

When I was done showering I stepped out of the shower feeling the cold air on my skin. I shivered and quickly grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my "freezing" body. I grabbed one more towel and quickly dried my hair just so it wouldn't drip all over the floor and make it all wet. Just so you know I had dark brown medium length almost straight hair (I had some waves in it but not much), brown eyes, brown eyelashes and thin round dark eyebrows. I wasn't that curvy but I did have an ass and breasts. My skin was tan, my lips full, my nose small and not at all a pointy nose it was kinda "flat" (if you know what I mean) and yeah I didn't have that pimple and blackhead problem. Maybe a few sometimes but it could happen to anyone. I was happy for the way nature decided to put me together. Of cause I wanted to change some things but everybody does that.

Well I had now gotten my white decent/sweet summer dress on and some white sneakers with lace on the outside (those were okay for my mom), curled my hair in natural curls, put on some bronze eyeshadow and a thin line of eyeliner. I grabbed my mascara and put on some of that and then I slightly drew my eyebrows up a little tiny bit just to fill out the holes you know. Then I was done and it was only 7am. I went to grab my phone (iPhone 6 of cause), I got it for my birthday when it got released. Even though you think I might be kidding it wasn't life to get all the new stuff at all, it was boring not to miss anything but yet miss everything.

I had packed some other clothes in my shoulder bag, which was some light boyfriend jeans, a black tight crop top and a loose dark grey cardigan and I decided to keep my shoes on, because they were sneakers.

Then I saw a message from my best friend, Lucas, who was gay and he was absolutely amazing, asking if I wanted to grab some breakfast before school in half an hour at Starbucks. I texted back that I'd love to. I found my purse and put it into my shoulder bag. I put on some perfume and went down stairs. "I'm gonna eat breakfast with Lucas in Starbucks if it's okay?" I told them smiling. Lucas knew my problems with my family and supported me completely, he had been here a lot of times and we acted like we were flirting or dating, something like that but it wasn't serious, because I knew that my mom and dad wouldn't accept me being best friend with a boy who was gay. They wanted a normal life for me.

"That sounds great darling. Here you go" my mom smiled and handed me some money, "have fun!" She pecked both my cheeks saying that sound they always do in France you know. Then my dad did the same. "Have fun sweetie" they both said as I went to get my coat. Our kitchen was mainly white and black. Glass table plate and all of that you know. Really sophisticated. I couldn't handle it. It was awful, but really really really pretty. I liked our house, it was pretty and huge, but my life was boring in it.

"Bye" I shouted before shutting the door. I looked at my apparently expensive watch, it was 20 past 7.

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