As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine:

*Chantelle's POV*

"Where have you been?" Lucas asked me as I sat down beside him. "I'm really tired and happy" I mumbled. "I've heard you were in the bathroom with Justin freaking Bieber" he exclaimed, "what were you thinking? That-" "shut up okay? I wasn't in the bathroom with Bieber and you know I would never do that!" I explained as good as I could. I could really feel the alcohol in my blood. "I know" he said, "but you are the way you are babe!" I hit his arm, "why would you say that?" He shrugged, "well when are we going home?" "Haven't you been drinking since we came here? Party killer" I exclaimed. He shook his head, "so I'm almost sober now." "Yeah right" I laughed. "You're so annoying when you're drunk" he groaned, "but it is kinda fun to see you throw up and apologize when you realize you've done something stupid the day after.." I looked at him my jaw on the floor, "did that just come out of your mouth?" "It did" he smiled, "take it or leave it." "Oui mademoiselle" I laughed and asked the bartender for some water. He nodded.

"So were you in the bathroom with Bieber?" he asked, his voice low. I shook my head, "no I wasn't! But if I was how would you react?" "I don't know" he said, "I would probably say something like this, what the hell are you doing! You may be drunk but it's one of the stupidest things you can ever do!" I looked down, "I might have fooled around a bit.." "You're so stupid!" he exclaimed, "how can you even do it?" "It didn't mean anything.. It was like a one night stand you know.. Those doesn't mean anything at all" I exclaimed. "I hope you're telling the truth girl" he warned, "now there's your boyfriend!" "Shut up" I said turning around. I saw him talk with some pretty blond girl. I got jealous. Why? I didn't know. "Let's dance" I exclaimed and went to the dance floor and found a good looking guy. Which turned out to be Carter. "Hey babe" he mumbled as his hands slid down my hips as they moved to the music. I looked around and saw Justin look at me and Carter. He looked jealous. I smiled satisfied as I continued. Then he turned me around and placed his lips onto mine. I quickly pulled away and slapped his face. "Don't do that" I warned, "we're just dancing!" "I gotta get a drink babe" he said and walked away. I shrugged and kept dancing as another boy came up to me and let his hands follow my hips.

When I turned around and realized who it was I smirked. "Oh it's you again?" I bit my lip, "you can't seem to ever let me go." "I won't baby.. Because this body" he let his hands slide down from my waist to my ass and then whispered close to my ear, "is mine." "Who says that?" "I do beautiful!" "And you're like the boss?" I giggled. "Always" he mumbled right before kissing me once again. This time I didn't pull away. I liked this one. I said it. I liked him. That Bieber guy.

"What the fuck were you doing last night?" Lucas exclaimed as soon as I had opened my eyes. I felt a headache on its way. "I don't know.. I did a lot of stuff. Which I clearly remember and which I'm embarrassed by" I mumbled, "yes I did go to the bathroom with him. It was a one night stand.. It's nothing big. He was there to pleasure me." "And you were there to pleasure him Chantelle" he warned, "don't get under his spell." "I won't.. Not before he gets under mine" I smirked. "Did you use protection?" I froze. "Did you?" "No" I looked down, then slightly panicked, "if I'm gonna be pregnant now.. My mom will kill me!" "I know that's why you're just gonna call me if anything happens okay?" he said trying to calm me down. I nodded, "okay thanks."

"You look terrible" I heard my mom's voice. "Thank you very much. We stayed up all night to watch some movies" I lied, "it was pretty good.. Titanic and the notebook and bad boys.. So do you mind letting me sleep for a bit?" They both shook their heads, "go ahead." Then I went to my bed and fell asleep right away.

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