As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four:

*Justin's POV*

When I arrived at school at 10am, because my mom freaked because I drained all her bottles, everybody looked weird at me. I guess I had a blue eye. My mom hit me and then I hit her and left. I saw Chantelle look at me. She thought for a moment then nodded towards the school yard. I nodded and went out there. "What happened?" she asked, "who hit you?" "No one" I looked down, "never mind." "Who did it?" she tried again. "It's nothing" I said looking up. I felt the tears come again and I hurried to turn around. I felt a hand on my shoulder, "it's okay Justin.. You can tell me.. I won't tell anyone! I promise.. You have my word!" "You promise you won't say anything" I asked slowly turning around. "I promise" she said seriously, "it's bad you should see a doctor!" "No then they would want a reason and I can't tell" I explained, "I moved out when I wasn't that old, when my dad left... My mom couldn't handle it so she started drinking.. She came home to me last night and I drained all her bottles of vodka and filled them with water.. When she found out she um.... She.. Um.." "Hit you?" she almost whispered in disbelief, "she hit you?" I looked down. "Oh my god I'm so sorry" she exclaimed, "do you want a hug?" I shook my head, "no it's okay.." I felt a knot inside of me. My mom really did hit me. And I. Really did hit her. "Okay.. What did you do?" "I wanted to get away but she just hit me and I kinda hit her" I whispered, "I didn't mean to do it." "I understand why you did it" Chantelle stroked my arm gently, "I can cover it." "Can you? I'm sure it's really bad and it hurts like hell.." Then suddenly I felt myself getting dizzy. "I have to sit down" I mumbled and looked for chairs. "Justin you okay?" she said worried. "Yeah I'm fine I just have to sit down" I automatically took my hand to my forehead and I couldn't see clear. "You're not okay" she exclaimed, "I'm calling an ambulance!" "No don't do that.. They'll put her into jail" I exclaimed as I felt even more dizzy and sat down on the grass. "Hold on" she said, "I'll get some help.." Everything was blurry and my heart pumped hardly into my chest and my breath get heavier. "What's happening?" I whispered. Then everything went black.

*Chantelle's POV*

I panicked, "someone help me!!" "Lucas!!!" I screamed, "he passed out!!!" Lucas came running into the yard, "what happened?" "He passed out" I yelled, "he got hit by someone and now he's passed out.. Help me!! Call someone!" "I'll call an ambulance!" he exclaimed and grabbed his phone and called 911. "Hello it's Lucas Miller" he said, "my classmate just passed out I need to an ambulance to this address!" Then he told them the address. "I'm sorry I had to do this" I whispered and stroked Justin's cheek, before pecking it gently.

"Wake up" I said and slapped his cheek, "Justin wake up!"

When the ambulance came everybody went outside and freaked out. "What happened?" they started shouting. "He got hit by something or someone I don't know and we were just talking then he passed out" I explained to a man, "just hurry up!" "Are you family? Or do you know any of his family?" he asked. I shook my head, "no.. I'm his friend/classmate.. But his best friends are over there.." I pointed at his posse. "Thank you ma'am" he smiled and ran over there. Then suddenly I got pulled into the ambulance and then it drove away.

"Ma'am what's his name?" a man asked me. I was just like, what the fuck dude? "Justin Bieber I think" I smiled, "I don't know him that well I just got pulled in here." "Okay well that must be enough to find him" he said. He tried clapping Justin on the cheek and open his eyes. Justin was breathing. "Is he your boyfriend?" "No" I exclaimed, "I don't know him that well I just got pulled in here as I told you before sir!" "Try to kiss him" the man said. "What?!" I exclaimed again, "are you really a doctor or something?" He nodded, "yes and I have seen it before.. Just do as I say ma'am!"

I quickly pecked Justin's lips. "Nothing see" I said. "Try again.. Not that peck stuff a real one" he commanded. What the fuck was wrong with him?! I kissed Justin again this time I made it like a "real" one. After some time I felt him kiss back. I pulled away, "it actually worked! Why that?" The doctor shrugged, "I don't know it just does.." "I have to get back to school sir when are we at the hospital?" I asked avoiding Justin. "In a couple of minutes ma'am.." "What's happening? I told you not to do this!" Justin exclaimed, "I can't trust you!" "You wouldn't be alive if I haven't called" I exclaimed, "thank me in stead of that crap!" "And why did you kiss me?" "Because the doctor told me to" I explained, "he said it would make you wake up.. And it did! So thank me.." "That's ridiculous" he exclaimed. "Calm down Justin.. You need to rest" the doctor told him. "But how is that even possible?! You're like the worst doctor ever!" Justin exclaimed, "you made her kiss me, which was okay, but so I could wake up?" The doctor nodded, "it helped and you are alive so be grateful.." "I am" Justin sighed and looked at me, "I am and thank you Chantelle." I smiled at him, "you're welcome.. I hope you would save my life too!" He chuckled, "I would no need to worry about that!"

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