As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five:

*Chantelle's POV*

"Well ma'am do you wanna stay or do you want me to drive you home?" some woman asked me. "I just wanna say goodbye and then if you please can take me to the school.. That would be great thank you" I smiled sweetly at her. "Okay then follow me" she started walking.

"You look terrible" I chuckled when I saw Justin with all kinds of stuff on. He laughed a fake little laugh, "ha ha very funny.." "Well I have to get back to school and change before my mom gets there" I smiled and went over to the bed. "Thank you again. For helping and for listening" he said looking very grateful, "just don't tell anyone please! I trust you Chantelle." I nodded, "I promise. But I can't help it if I tell my best friend Lucas. But he won't tell anyone. But I'll try my best!" "Okay thank you" he smiled, "now go I'll be fine. See ya on Friday." "Bye Bieber" I pecked his cheek and walked away. He was sweet and different. He wasn't like he seemed. He was one of the sweetest guys on school. And one of the hottest though.

"Why did you get pulled into that ambulance?" Lucas exclaimed, "you missed drama class!" "I have no idea" I grabbed his hand and ran out to the school yard. "The doctor made me kiss Bieber to wake him up.." "No fucking way?!" he almost shouted, "kidding me? What kinda doctor does that?" "I said the same thing" I exclaimed. "But it helped and he woke up though." "Is he still gonna be there on Friday?" he asked. I shrugged, "I think so.. He said see ya on Friday right before I pecked his cheek." "You kissed his freaking cheek Chantelle?" he exclaimed, "why?" "Because I wanted to be nice! He just passed out and got hit by someone" I explained, "I felt bad for him! Okay?" Lucas nodded, "just don't fall for this guy! He's no good Chantelle! No good!" "School is over in a few minutes right?" I asked. "Yeah why?" "I'll just call my mom and tell her that I'm gonna stay the night at your house on Friday.. Then we can go to the party" I smiled. "Yeah.. I'll just tell my mom that she cannot tell your mom or dad or anyone that you went to the party" he smiled and found his phone. So did I.

Me: "Hey mother. Can I please sleepover at Lucas's on Friday?"

Mom: "yes darling.. Just be careful.. You don't want us to get disappointed or embarrassed!"

Me: "Who do you think I am?"

Mom: "You are you!"

Me: "Okay mother I promise!"

Mom: "Okay.. I'll pick you up in a few minutes."

Me: "Okay. Where are we going anyway?"

Mom: "It's a surprise."

Me: "Okay see ya mother."

Mom: "See you."

I hung up sighing. "I have to change now" I hurried to say, "see ya." "See ya" Lucas shouted after me.

"Hey mother" I smiled as I got in the car. "It's your birthday soon" my mom said, "therefore I wanna show you something." I looked at her, "okay. Let's go then."

She pulled over at an old castle, "I had my 18th birthday party here and so did your sister." I looked at it, it was ugly an ridiculously big. "It's beautiful" I smiled a fake smile at my mom. She nodded in agreement, "yes it is. Dad and I already invited 100 people and chose the decoration and food.. 18 is a big day and we want it to be special." "Thank you mother. But why wouldn't you let me decide since it's my day?" I asked, "no offense." She looked at me, "we've been working so hard for you and you can't even appreciate it?" "No I didn't mean it that way" I hurried to say, "I just thought that maybe I would get to decide something since it's my day." "Do you have any idea of how hard it was to rent this castle? A little humbleness would fit you" my mom said angrily. "But I-" "your dad and I will discuss this later. But you're gonna have your 18th birthday here whether you like it or not" she exclaimed, "you can walk home you lady!" "Seriously?" I exclaimed, "there's like a long way home!" "I know.. You could use it" she said annoyed and opened my door, "get out Chantelle!" "Did you just call me fat?" I shouted. "Yes.. I'll see ya at home" she almost shouted. I got out and slammed the door. "Bitch" I said to myself as a single tear fell down my cheek. My own mom just called me fat. I grabbed my phone and called Lucas as I began walking.

Lucas: "Hey sweetie what's up?"

Me: "*sniffling* can you please pick me up?"

Lucas: "what's wrong?"

Me: "I'll tell you later.. I'm at ****** street.."

Lucas: "I'll be there as soon as possible..."

Me: "See ya.."

I hung up sighing. I didn't wanna go home. "Hey what are you doing here?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around and saw Justin?

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