As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me.

When you know, you know.

As long as you love me.

It doesn't matter what people say.


11. Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven:

*Chantelle's POV*

The next day we didn't talk at all and he barely looked at me. I felt something in my stomach each time he avoided my look, something that felt like a big hole. I didn't like it.

I felt down. I didn't wanna do anything when I knew he was mad at me.

"Hey you okay?" Lucas asked me waving a hand in front of my face. I nodded looking at him, "yeah sure. It's just my mom." "Just tell me if I have to talk to her" he said. He meant it though. I laughed, "good luck." "See that's the smile I was looking for" he exclaimed. I chuckled, "you're crazy!" "I know" he exclaimed again, making me laugh. "Now whatcha doing after school?" I shrugged, "don't know actually why?" "Who don't we go shopping?" he asked. "I have this test coming up in chemistry and I have to practice" I said, "that's what I'm doing after school and all night!" I didn't lie. It was real. "When is it?" he chuckled. "Tomorrow" I sighed. That wasn't a lie either. "Well just call me if you need anything okay?" he smiled and pecked my cheek. "Bye" I smiled as he walked away.

I saw Justin walk out of the school and when he walked past me I tried smiling but he just ignored me and kept walking. I was all alone and I hated it.

"I'm sorry" I wrote and sent it to him. I knew he read it and I could see he did but he didn't answer. I sighed and fell down on my bed.

*Justin's POV*

I needed her by my side but she had to learn that she could not mess with me. And she had to learn it the hard way. I could tell she hated being ignored so that was exactly what I was doing. She was the prettiest girl ever and she was wonderful, she was saying what she wanted to say and she was doing everything she wanted to do. I just needed to ignore her a few more days then it all would be over. I kinda hoped she would give me a real apology.

Next day in school she smiled at me but I just kept walking as if I didn't see it. I smiled satisfied when I had walked past her. She probably felt stupid for even smiling at me. "Hey beautiful" I heard a voice. It was Carter's. "Hi Carter" Chantelle said. I turned around and saw them talk and laugh. I felt a knot inside and got angry. He couldn't flirt with her. Just because I ignored her didn't mean she could flirt with Carter. He had a huge crush on her. I saw her look at me. She had this revenge look in her eyes. She wanted revenge. I understood because that was exactly was I wanted too and was doing.

I just raised an eyebrow at her to say seriously and then I walked away. She was so pissed at me which I loved and I knew she did too.

Another day went by without I talked to her and that went on for like a week.

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