Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


12. Time Flies

Ariana's POV:

I woke up to the vibration of my phone on the couch. I quickly grabbed it and looked at the texts I was getting. Two from my mom, one from Hollie.

From: Mom

'Where are you?'

'Never Mind, Luke's mom told me. I'm glad you slept over.'

From: Hollie

'Hey, me and Dawn were wondering if you wanted to sleep over at my place tonight?'

To: Hollie

'That'd be great! I'll check with my mom.'

Once I was done doing everything on my phone, I noticed Luke wasn't laying on the couch anymore. I smelt something burning, so I went to check it out.

"Luke? What are you doing?" I asked and rushed over to the oven.

"I don't think I should've cooked the eggs this long.' he said and tried to put out the smoke.

"Why were you making breakfast?" I asked.

"My parents went out, so I decided to make breakfast. Or as you can see, attempt to." he laughed and put the burnt eggs aside.

"That was sweet, but why don't we just have some cereal so you don't set the house on fire." I smiled and he grabbed the variety of cereal from the pantry.

"The only brand I know is Cheerios.. so I guess I'll have that." I said and grabbed the big box.

"Healthy choice. Only, I go for the sweet." he smirked and grabbed the box that looks like it had frosted and sugar filled cereal.

"I'll try some of that, thank you very much." I slid the box away from me, waiting for the other box.

The cereal was good, I can't deny it. I could eat this stuff all day.

"What time do I have to leave by?" I asked and he looked over at the time.

"Around 12, unless you want to watch us record our video." he looked like he really wanted me to stay.

"I'll have to see, I might have plans with Hollie and Dawn." he nodded and suddenly the door bell rang.

"I'll be right back." he said and left to open the door. Of course, being as curious as I was, I went to see who it is. My head peeked out from the kitchen, watching the door open.

"Michael? Calum? New person?" I giggled at his awkwardness. I heard them chat about being here early, and I saw them coming their way to the kitchen. I immediately ran back to my seat, eating like nothing happened.

"Ariana, this is Ashton, our drummer!" Luke excitedly said. I greeted him and they sat down at the table.

"Aren't you like, not supposed to have sleepovers with your girlfriend?" Calum asked.

"We're not dating." I feel like me and Luke have to say that all the time.

"Okay, aren't you supposed to like, not have sleepovers with somebody you just went on a date with?" he rephrased it.

"Her house wouldn't answer so she slept over." Luke explained.

"Wow, cute, okay GAG! Let's talk about our band." Michael said, being very descriptive.

"So our band name is 5 Seconds Of Summer, now what?" Ashton said. I realized he had a form of a drum beside him.

"What cover are we going to do?" Luke asked. I probably shouldn't be talking and suggesting for their band, but I did anyways.

"How bout Teenage Dirtbag?" I said. Everybody looked over at me.

"That's not half bad." Michael said and became more convinced they had to sing that song.

"We should, it'll get us a lot of attention." Calum said and they all agreed.

"Thanks, Mrs. Hemmings." Michael joked and I couldn't keep the blushing level down.

"I SEE BLUSHES!" Calum yelled and poked my cheeks. A giggle escaped my mouth and I quickly covered it up.

"She's a keeper." Luke laughed and we all went to the living room to record their first video.


After all that discussing, they finally sat down for the video. I sat in the back on the couch, watching them.

Michael introduced Ashton, and they started soon after. Every second, every line they sang I felt all happy and I smiled the whole way through. These boys will for sure be remembered in history.


"That was great!" they all high five each other and Luke walks over to me, his arm going around my shoulder.

"Thanks for not laughing." he whispered in my ear.

"How could I? You guys were good." I smiled and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. I mean, he did have his arm around me and it was the perfect moment to do something small. I saw his blushes appear, which made my heart tingle with joy.

"Love birds, get over here and help us with the description." Calum shouted to us and we walked over to the computer.

"Song choice creds to me!" I smiled and made them put it in. It took forever to upload, but it finally worked. I just waited for the views to go crazy.

"What do we do now?" Ashton said curiously.

"We can hang out in my room I guess." we all agreed and raced up the stairs to Luke's room.

I grabbed my phone on the way and my mom said it was alright if I sleepover at Hollies.

To: Hollie

'I can stay over! What time should I come?'

From: Hollie

'Is 5 alright?'

To: Hollie

'Sure! See you at 5(:'

I put down my phone and jumped onto Luke's bed.

"Got any plans tonight?" Luke asked me.

"Yes, actually. With people my gender for once." I laughed. He nodded, understandingly.

"Ashton, I want to know about you." I said, sitting up.

"I don't know.. I have really big hands." points for trying.

"That's all I need to know." I laughed and laid back down.

"When do you guys want to get back together for a new cover?" Michael asked and nobody really said anything.

"I'll have to check my agenda." Luke said.

"You mean the agenda stuffed in your locker with unicorns and polar bears?" Calum laughed.

"Maybe.." Luke covered his face.

"It's alright, I have these really nice unicorn leggings from 3rd grade." we all laughed as I described the nice pair of leggings.

I guess time goes by really fast.

"I'm sorry guys, I have to go! Nice meeting you Ash!" I smiled.

"Babe, please don't go!" Luke said, tugging my sweater.

"Babe? Ashton chuckled.

"I'm s-sorry I didn't-"

"It's alright Luke, it's cute when you call me that." I smiled and made him let go of me. I hugged them all before I left.

As I got into the car, my mom asked how my day way.

"Absolutely amazing."


Thanks for reading! I get all happy writing then updates because they're so cute! I hope you enjoy!:)

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