Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


27. Tease

{heyy guys it's me gretch & I want to hugely apologize for not updating in what 9 months? that is crazy & I feel soooo bad but hopefully I can update more since summer has just started. I'm just very stuck on what can happen in this story anymore and I will probably end up writing a new book. sorry if this sucks, but hey, at least I updated !! haha much love - g.}

  Ariana's POV:  

Early mornings, long days, screaming fans, and sweaty band members. It's been a quick few months of the tour and I was getting very excited about our stop in California. I could see my friends, be back to the beach that kept me calm, and relive all my favorite memories. It was going to be great.  

"Hey babe, thinking about anything?" Luke asked me as he stroked my head. We were sitting in the back of the tour bus with the huge windows, the couch, and the T.V.   

"Just Cali. I can't wait to show you around." I smiled and looked up at him. The rest of the boys were playing FIFA and ignoring us until then.  

"You mean show US around, right?" Michael said, keeping his eyes glued to the game on the television.  

"Yes, of course." I smiled and closed my eyes.  

"YES! SUCK ON THAT, HOOD!" Michael screamed as my eyes shot open to the yelling.  

"Jesus Michael, I almost went into cardiac arrest or something!" I said as I felt my heart beating fast.  

"Oops, sorry Ariana." he giggled and sat down.  

"You guys are going to kill me one day. Literally." I laughed and made sure I kept my eyes open, just in case Michael got another goal.  


"Wake up, princess." I heard Luke's tender voice say into my ear. I want to wake up to those words everyday.  

"What's up?" I ask and rub my eyes while I sit up.  

"We're at the hotel now. Wanna get our luggage?" he asked and took my hand to help me get up.  

"Sure. What time is it?" I asked.   

"10:00 pm. We're gonna have to do tourist stuff tomorrow, sorry babe." he said as we made our way to the exit of the bus.  

"Lucas, we are no tourists, this is my home! Or at least it was." I giggle.  

"I guess you're right then, miss California expert!" he laughed and we made our way into the hotel.   The guy at the front desk gave us our key and we both bolted towards the elevator to press the button. He was faster and made it there before me.  

"Luke! You know I love the button." I pout and we enter the empty elevator.  

"Fine, you can press the button for floor 13." he smiles at me and I do as he says.   

"Room key, please." I say with a smirk and put my hand out.  

"No, no, no! I get to swipe the room key." he said. God, we are such kids.   As the elevator opened we walked to our room and he swiped the card to open the door. As he opened it, I saw the amazing view.   

"Oh my gosh." I say with total amazement. Palm trees flood my sight once again, as they did on my last day here. The city is glowing as I run to the window and scan my eyes across everything.   

"This is beautiful." Luke says and sets our stuff down.   

"Can you see why I loved it here so much?" I turn around and face him.   

"Yes. I wish I lived here!" he says and jumps onto the huge king sized bed in the middle of the room. I join him and climb right by his side.  

"I love you so much." he says.  

"I love you too." I say and kiss him passionately. I never want to stop kissing him, and I never want to lose him. {Warning: a bit of smut but not much so nothin to worry about ;) } His grip on me gets tighter as we make out more and I start tugging on his hair.   

He breaks apart from me and quickly gets up to put the "Do not disturb" sign outside and locks the door.  

"Let's do this." he says. I smirk because the thing is, I wasn't going to sleep with him tonight. I was going to tease him. Damn, did I want to fuck him, but not tonight. I was going to save it for my birthday, which was in 2 days. Also, I thought Luke was an innocent little boy. I was horribly wrong.   

He was wearing a button up, which made it extremely sexy to unbutton it. Every button came off quickly and I ripped it off his body. He lifted my t-shirt over my head. I next watched him fumble with his pants, struggling to get them off. His hands were shaking and after awhile, he got them off. I took mine off also. Just us and our underwear.  

I could see the huge bulge under his boxers and I smiled at the sight. We were making out some more and he started to pull down his underwear.   

"Stop." I said and held his hands where the were before his bulge was exposed.  

"Why? What's wrong? I have a condom in my pocket if that's-"   {Smutish thingy over if you skipped it and were wondering!!}  

"Nope. We have to continue this in 2 days." I smiled and got up. I went over to Luke's suitcase and grabbed one of his shirts and I slipped it over my head.     

"What? On your birthday? Ariana Bradley you did not just tease me." Luke said and got up to follow me to the bathroom.  

"Oh, but I did. It was really fun." I smirked and looked into the mirror.  

"I hate you. But I love you. God Ariana, now I'm horny as fuck." he sighed.  

"I'm sorry babe. Cuddles and make out sesh may calm you down." I said and pulled him over to the bed.   

"Your birthday needs to come sooner." he said and I nodded in agreement.   

"Welcome to Cali." I said and intertwined our fingers.  

"Oh, I feel very welcomed."   


hello! hope you enjoyed this update and the little love scene haha. hopefully it won't take me 9 months to update this again and it will be updated again this week. much love - g  :-)          

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