Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


17. New Years Eve

Ariana's POV:

I sat in my bed, waiting for it to be 3pm. Let's just say the morning consisted of a lot of Beyoncé and clothes across the floor. I then realized this wasn't a party, so I would just wear my lazy day clothes. Each hour went slow, just like in school. The pain of each passing minute, it was horrible.

Luckily, it was now 2:30 and almost time to leave. I packed my bag and grabbed my stuffed giraffe, Giraffe. Interesting name, I know.

From: Luke

'Can't wait for tonight! :)'

To: Luke

'See you soon:))))))'

I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed the nearest UGGs to go along with my nice outfit on sweatpants and a T-shirt. It was comfy, but I also brought some nice clothes just in case. You could say I was always prepared.


"Ariana! Hey!" Luke said as the door swung open.

"Hey, Luke!" I smiled and hugged him.

I walked into the living room, just to see the other boys glued to the TV watching some model show.

"The real model has arrived." I said and struck a pose. Before I knew it, they were running at me with open arms. I was just tackled by 3 teenage boys.

"What was that for?" I laughed and tried to fit my arms around them.

"Our own model!" Calum squealed.

"She's not dressed like a model." Michael said and looked at the clothes I was wearing.

"I wouldn't be talking, you all seem to have similar outfits." I pointed to what they were wearing.

"She has a point." Ashton giggled.

"Mine!" Luke said and attacked me with kisses around the neck.

"You two aren't dating, so she's not actually yours." Michael smirked and came to stand over by me. Luke squinted his eyes over at Michael and I ran over to the floor where boxes of food were laying.

"Now what?" Luke said and joined us on the floor.

"I don't know. We have like, 9 hours until New Years." Calum said and did the math on his fingers.

I grabbed my phone and started to google what to do when you're bored.

"Google answers: build a fort, play some games, do a challenge, etc. Anything pop out?" I said and put down my phone.

"I got it!" Luke said and everybody looked towards him.

"You three go makes games and challenges while Ariana and I make the best fort you have ever seen." He said and shooed them into the kitchen.

"We're like, 10. I love it!" I heard Ashton say before they disappeared into the other room.

"Lights. Christmas lights. This is gonna be Tumblr gone wrong." I laughed.

"Lights? I'll go check." he said and ran downstairs. While he was gone I started to grab pillows and sheets for the main fort. I set them up so it would be tall and wide. You could see the TV from the opening.

"Wow! It's pretty good." Luke said with a pile of Christmas lights in his hands.

"Thanks for the lights." I said and took them to set up.

"What would stay up?" I asked and tried to make them not ruin the fort.

"On the floor. I dunno!" he laughed and it wasn't half bad.

It looked pretty good, so we kept it that way. I put on a '2013' crown and also put one on Luke.

"Ah, my princess." I laughed and booped his crown.


"Nice fort!" Calum said and went inside.

"OH MY GOSH! ITS BEAUTIFUL!" he shouted and you could almost see hearts forming in his eyes. There was food and a bunch of stuff inside.

"We told you!" I said and waited to see what games they made up.

"We could play truth or dare? I know it's basic but.." Ashton said.

"I'm up for it." I said and they all agreed to play it.

"Ariana, truth or dare?" Calum asked me.

"Dare." I said and he smirked.

"We're going to get your dare ready." Calum said and they all stood up and walked out of the fort. I waited for a few minutes, checking snap chat. All my friends were partying at the best places for parties, but I didn't mind being here at all.

"Drink this!" Calum said and handed me a shot glass full of something.

"What is this?" I asked and it smelled horrendous.

"Just drink it!" he said anxiously.

"It's preparing you for shots at the club!" Michael said and encouraged me to drink it. So I did. It was sour and horrible.

"Oh my gosh! What was that?!" I said and couldn't get the taste out of my mouth.

"Pure lime juice. We tried to put some sugar in but apparently it didn't work.." Ashton laughed and they all giggled at my reaction.

"I'll get you back!" I said, eyeing all of them.

"Ok, Michael. Truth or dare?" I asked.

"Truth." he said confidently.

"Ever kissed a girl?" I asked.

"Yeah, but you could be my better first kiss." he smiled at me from across the fort.

"I'll pass.." I laughed and the rest of the game was full of laughs and horrible dares that I'm glad I never got.

"Next thing, games committee?" Luke joked.

"We could do the cinnamon challenge but we could die and your mom would kill us." Ashton shrugged.

"So, two days to die?" Calum laughed.

"PIZZA!" we heard from the kitchen. This was literally like a 5 year olds birthday party, and it was hella fun.

"Michael wants another slice, Michael wants another slice.." Michael started to sing while biting into his 3rd piece.

"We could make that a song." Luke said.

"Catchy." we all agreed and continued to eat the large pizzas until the box was only crumbs.

"I'm stuffed!" I said and held on to my stomach.

"Tummy go boom." Calum said and collapsed onto the floor.

"I saved room for gummy worms though.." I laughed and grabbed the bowl.

"Throw me a worm!" Ash said and opened his mouth. I attempted to get it in his mouth and it actually worked. We high fived and tried again. I got 6 in a row, until Michael blocked one.

"Keek party!" Ashton said and started to keek us.

"Watcha doin' Luke?" he asked and pointed the camera at him.

"Watching Ariana throw gummy worms into people's mouths!" he giggled and the camera then shifted to me.

"She shoots.. and scores!" he said and moved the camera like crazy. Then he stopped to put a caption and posted it.

"All this time and it's already 10pm!" I said.

"2 more hours." Calum danced to the non-existent music.

"Let's put on some real music and dance." Michael suggested and some really hard core rock stated to blast in the room.

"May I have this dance?" Luke said and held out his hand.

"If you consider dancing to heavy medal music like we're at a formal, then yes." I smiled and grabbed his hand. We swayed around the room as Michael and Calum also danced like us, and Ashton had his own little party.


"It's almost midnight. Wanna go outside for the countdown?" Calum asked and we all decided to go out on the beach.

They ran out towards the water, while Luke grabbed my arm and stopped me from going any farther.

"You guys coming?" Michael asked.

"No, we'll stay out here in the sand." Luke said and we sat down.

"Why'd you say that?" I asked.

"So we could have alone time until it's New Years." he said and we sat in silence, watching them mess around in the waves.

"Just a few more minutes.." Luke said.

"How will we know what to count down?" I asked.

"Just follow the other people counting down on the beach." he said. He was right, people were about to count down. They started to get closer to 20, and Luke moved closer to me.

As we approached 5, Luke turned to me. When we said 1, his soft lips crashed into mine, and with surprise I kissed back. We finally separated.

"I know this is cliché.. but will you be my girlfriend?" he asked, holding onto my hand.

"Why yes, my adorable penguin." I said and we went in for another kiss before running off to the water with the boys.

I was finally with Luke, and the future was unpredictable.


Thanks for reading! This took about an hour to write but I was so exited to write this chapter! This is getting so cute, I may die writing it. I hope you enjoy! Sorry I haven't updated in forever, volleyball is busy and school you know. Oh, and that dare that Ariana did actually happened to me, and it was horrible. Thanks for all the nice feedback! :)

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