Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


10. First Date

Luke's POV:

Oh god, did she really just agree to going on a date with me? She hugged me before she had to go home, and I waved goodbye. Her hugs were the most precious feeling in the world.

"Mom, can I borrow some money for tomorrow?" I asked as I walked into my house.

"What for?" she looked confused, mostly because I never asked for much money.

"I have a..thing." I really didn't want to tell my mom I was going on a date, especially since I've never been on a proper one.

"What's that thing mister? You have to tell me or no money." I sighed, knowing I would have to let in.

"I have a date with Ariana. Please don't be all over me or post stuff all over Facebook, it's really embarrassing." I could tell my face was already turning red.

"A date! How much do you need? Anything to make Ariana happy, she's such a sweet girl."

"MOM! I told you not to do that.." she laughed and said she would give me the money tomorrow.


I decided to upload a new cover I did the day I met Ariana. I think it has more emotion and meaning because of her. The views were going up like crazy by the hour, and I was totally surprised.

From: Ariana

'Do you see all these views? You're great at singing!'

I smiled.

To: Ariana

'Thank you, but I don't know..'

No! Delete that..

To: Ariana

'Thanks! You should show me your singing.. since you found mine.'

From: Ariana

'I can't sing. But I can do a great cartwheel!'

To: Ariana

'I wanna see it! Goodnight beautiful.'

What does she think when I send that last part? I hope she doesn't think it's weird.

I decided to shower and get my special batman footy pajamas on. I jumped into bed, Pengy by my side.

"Goodnight Pengy." I whispered and cuddled him until I feel into a deep sleep.


Oh, the wonderful date day. I wasn't even that nervous, considering I know me and Ariana get along so well. I guess I was just nervous because I wanted it to go so well.

"You look cute!" my mom said as I walked down the stairs.

"I look like this everyday." I said, looking down at my clothes. I'm pretty sure I wear this every other weekend.

"Sorry, I guess sons just look cuter when they're going out for an event! Anyways, I made breakfast." she said and we walked to the kitchen. There was eggs, bacon, toast, anything you coil imagine!

"What's the occasion?" I laughed and grabbed a plate.

"I just want this date to go well for you two. I can see you getting married already!"

"Too far, way too far." I laughed and started to dig in.

The rest of my morning consisted of watching SpongeBob and thinking about the date. I decided I had to go get ready.


It was just a few more minutes until she got here. I'm probably wearing too much cologne, but she'll understand. I mean, she could be wearing too much perfume for all I know! Focus, Luke! You're dates coming in a few minutes and-

Just then the doorbell rang. I grabbed my wallet and sprinted to the stairs.

"Luke! She's here!"


Thank you all for reading! I love reading the daily comments :) I'll try to update more this week because next week will be very busy. But thanks for waiting for the updates even though I take a lot of time! :)

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