Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


14. Cuddles

Ariana's POV:

(I apologize in advance for the bad writing I've had a tiring day)

You know that feeling when you really like something and your heart just gets all happy and it's like the most amazing thing in the world? Well that's what I feel.

As soon as I heard the door bell, I ran out of bed to go get it. When I opened it, Luke was dressed like he was ready for a relaxing day. I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs.

"Cuddles are nice." I said and laid down. Our legs were intwined and his arms were protectively around me. I put my head on his shoulder.

"You bet they are." he said and we sat in silence, under the fuzzy covers, for as long as I could think of.

I woke up at around 7pm, Luke still stuck to me. He was still sleeping, but I didn't mind. I decided to grab my phone and send a picture to Dawn and Hollie.

To: Hollie & Dawn

'Sleeping beauty' and I attached the picture.

I just laid my head back down on his shoulder, and started to drift away in a world words couldn't describe. As I drifted off back to sleep, I heard those little faint snores I adored so much.


"Hey, wake up." I felt nudging at my shoulder.

"Luke?" I rubbed my eyes and looked up at him.

"It's late, I should get going." he said and got out of bed.

"But I don't want you to leave." I pouted.

"I don't want to either. Bye, princess." he said and kissed my cheek.

"Princes do NOT leave princesses." I smiled and he smirked before leaving my room.

"Now what do I do?" I whispered to myself. I looked onto YouTube to see if they got a lot of views. They actually got a decent amount.

Then my phone buzzed.

From: Hollie

'That's adorable. DATE DATE DATE!'

I groaned and my head fell onto the mattress. I know he's going to ask someday, but it hurts knowing he's not completely mine.

Maybe on Christmas he'll ask. I don't know, but all I do know is he should be mine.

"You're still up?" my mom said by the door.

"I'm going to bed soon I just need a snack." she left and I went downstairs to grab something. I decided on Goldfish, my favorite. Before running back upstairs, I grabbed some milk to help me sleep.

I checked my messages once I got back in bed.

From: Luke

'Your cuddles are the bestest.'

To: Luke

'That's not a word, prince.'

From: Luke

'I know. You deserve words that aren't real.' how cheesy.

To: Luke

'Goodnight, word maker-uper.'

I put my phone in the charger and ate goldfish until I was full and ready to sleep.

After that, I fell asleep with a warm feeling trapped inside me.


Sorry it's so short, I really wanted to update. I'm so tired and I know it sucks! Ironic, I write about sleeping when that's all I want to do. I can probably update tomorrow, but I'll be very tired again. Hope you enjoyed!

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