Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


23. Clubs and Car Rides

I'd like to apologize for not updating in weeks! I want to write, but at the same time I don't have the motivation but I know how much you guys want me to update so I'm trying my best to update as much as I can :-) I need time to think about how I want this book to go, I feel like I've been rushing it so I just need to think about what to do with it and how the whole thing is going to play out. There will be plenty of chapters still coming and I even have an idea for a new book. Here's a little update in the meantime :-)


Ariana's POV:

The day has been full of endless car rides and long plane rides. I know it's tiring, but since I agreed to do this I'm going to have to get used to it. I look out the window and notice were on the highway. I love the highway, it feels a lot smoother and more relaxing. You know, besides the traffic.

"Day one; hotel and adventures." Ash says into the camera. I assume he's doing a keek. He points the camera at all of us, then out the window and babbles about everything going on today. It's actually pretty late here, so I don't know what we'd be able to do.

I lean closer to Luke as he puts his arm around me and I see a shining light go on our faces.

"Look! The love birds in action!" Ash announces and pulls the camera away.

"Ashton, will you be doing this the whole tour?" Luke groans.

"Maybe. Maybe not." he smiles and shoves his phone back into his pocket.

"We should go party tonight." Michael says.

"We're traveling around the world and the first thing you think about is partying?" Calum laughs and takes a sip of the juice boxes we ordered at the airport.

"Wouldn't you?" He said and we pulled into the hotel.

"Here's the hotel arrangements: room one is Luke and Ariana. Room two is Ashton and Calum. Room three Michael gets alone." Their manager says and eyes at Luke and I.

"You're lucky I put you two together. If you do anything you'll regret, I'll have to change it up." we nod and laugh as we turn away to get our bags.

"They're too innocent to do anything anyways!" Michael yells and we walk into the lobby.


"What kind of shows are these!" Luke says as he flips through the channels on the tv.

"Better than the ones in Australia. I think this is the closest I'll get to American TV." I said. He shrugs and throws the remote at the end of the bed once he finally found a channel he liked. We are currently snuggled together, under the warm covers. My head lays on his chest, elevating as he does when he breathes.

"Nerf gun fight!" Calum yells as the door swings open and foam bullets are pelted at us. We hide under the covers until they start jumping on the bed.

"How did you guys get in here?!" I question as Calum pulls out a room key and smirks.

"Get out of bed! We're going to party. There's a club a few blocks away." Ashton says and pulls us out of bed.

"What? My mom would never let me!" Luke says and jumps back onto the bed.

"Come on! It won't be bad at all!" Michael begs and I'm actually up for it.

"I'm in." I say and look over at Luke who now has no choice but to come.

"I hate you." he says and pulls me onto the bed while attacking me with kisses.

"Ew. Get dressed, we're leaving soon." Michael says and closes the door behind him.

"We could do way funner things here.. alone." he said and trails his fingers down to my stomach.

"Maybe after the club." I smile and give him a kiss on the cheek as I get up and grab my suitcase. I go into the bathroom and put on a black dress I had and some heels that aren't that tall but still get to the point. I let my hair stay down and walk out and see Luke with his mouth open with surprise.

"You look amazing." he smiles.

"Thank you. You do too." I say and we lock hands as we exit the hotel.


"What kind of club is this?" I question as we enter and I see barley anybody in it.

"Apparently not a very popular one." Ashton says and sits at the bar as we follow him. He orders a round but we all wait until later to drink. I'm probably not going to drink. The pounding sound of music is starting to hurt my ears as I watch Calum and Michael join some other people dancing. I look over to see Ashton drinking more and Luke sipping on a Pepsi. I smile at his adorableness. I decide to join the boys on the dance floor as I walk over to them and pull out my horrible dancing skills. Michael tries to help me dance better and more freely as Calum dances the night away.


About an hour later, I go to check on Luke and see he's drinking.

"Luke! What are you doing?" I ask. I don't think he's ever had a drink.

"This stuff is yucky... I'm never having this again." He said as he shoved the drink away from him.

"I'm happy to hear that." I laugh and give him a hug before asking him to dance with me.

"Isn't the boy supposed to ask the girl?" he smiled and followed me to the dance floor.

"Wow, you really know how to dance!" he said.

"I got it from Michael. You can thank him." I said and saw a bit of jealousy in his eyes. He quickly pushed it aside and focused on me.

"Is Lukey jealous?" I giggled. He blushed and looked down. I love it when he does that.

"At least I know that you're mine." he said and kissed me. The ear pounding music was suddenly unnoticeable as our lips collided and it was as if nobody was there but us.


We were finally on our way back to the hotel and I felt bad for Ash because we had to walk and he was totally hungover. We basically had to carry him back. Once we put him in bed, Luke and I went back into our own room and I got out of the dress to put on my comfy pajamas. Luke did the same.

"Nice lambs." Luke pointed out and giggled as I look down at my lamb-filled pajama pants which were surprisingly very fuzzy and warm.

"Well, nice spongebob." I said as I could see the rim of his underwear which was covered with mini spongebob's.

"I had that coming." he laughed and we jumped into bed and turned off the lights.

"I can't wait for tomorrow. Practice and then your first opening for a huge band. You're so lucky." I whispered as he pulled me closer.

"You're right, I am lucky. But I wouldn't have been anywhere if you didn't give me the courage to continue doing what I love." he said. Even though it was dark, I could see his smile. It was the last thing I saw before I drifted to sleep, feeling happy and protected.


I hope you enjoyed! That was fun to write and I'm glad I'm getting back at it. Feedback is always nice and thanks for continuing to read! :-)

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