Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


24. Breakfast and Rehearsals

Ariana's POV:

"WAKE UP!" a loud voice said right by my ear.

"IM GETTING UP MOM! Oh, wait." I shot up and rubbed my eyes, realizing I was far from home.

"Mom? Wow, you have bad memory." Luke laughed and picked me up out of bed.

"You sure sound like my mom." I smiled and got on my vans so we could go downstairs for breakfast. Before we left the room, I looked at the clock to see it was nearly 5am.

"It's early!" I whined but Luke just put his arm around me and nodded, agreeing how early it was. But he didn't even seem to mind. "I am really loving your morning outfit." he commented and I remembered I still had those lamb filled pants on with a tank top. Just to top it off, those vans. I looked at Luke, who decided to put a shirt on and pulled up his pants so you couldn't see the spongebob anymore.

"I'm going to be the hottest one at 5am breakfast!" I said and we laughed together before we got to the breakfast room.

"Look at these delicious eggs!" Calum said and showed us the mildly burnt scrambled eggs.

"Give me a plate of those!" Michael joked and we walked up to see what else there was besides the hideous eggs.

"Here, let's make waffles." I said and limited to the waffle maker in the corner.

"I'll get the muffins!" Luke said and ran over to the muffin container.

"I got the drinks!" Ashton said.

"You've had enough to to drink! I'm surprised you're not throwing up everywhere." I said and he rolled his eyes and walked over to the juice machine.

"We're like all chefs but the foods already made." Michael said as he set the table.

"We're a team!" Calum squealed.

"Waffles are ready!" I said and put them on the table followed by the drinks and muffins and other endless food supplies.

"I think we took all the food.. except the eggs." Luke said and we looked over to see the food almost all gone. Hope the cooks can make more by the time people start to wake up.

"Okay, rehearsal at 8am and get ready for the show at 5pm. In between we can do whatever." Luke read off of a list and we all nodded, agreeing it was a good plan.

"Let's go shopping!" Ashton suggested for a in between idea.

"I'm a girl, I love shopping!" I said and waited for the others to agree for shopping. They eventually did after eating all the food and we were all full.

"Let's get ready." I said and we all walked up the stairs to our rooms.


"I call shower!" Luke yelled and ran into the bathroom.

"What? You make a mess!" I pouted but he smirked and locked the door. I plopped onto the bed and watched tv until he was finished. Once he was done, I walked into the bathroom and almost slipped over all the water that was laying on the floor.

"Luke! It's soaked!" I said and he walked over to me in his towel.

"Oopsies. Bad habit." he blushed and gave me an apologetic kiss before letting me use the shower.

"Love you, dork." I smiled.

"Love you too, dork." he smiled and I closed the door before getting ready to shower.

I hummed to my favorite songs as they played on my phone while I was showering.

"Hey, you're really good at singing." Luke said once I walked out of the shower.

"Really? It was just humming, but thanks." I said.

"Sing for me sometime." he said and I nodded, I would think about it. I'm not really that good at singing, and I definitely don't do it in front of other people.

"We gotta go in about an hour, and I know how long it takes girls to get ready." Luke said and that reminded me to blow dry my hair. I got my hair finally done, and pulled out my suitcase. I decided on my vans (as always,) shorts, a tank top, and a flannel. Basic outfit for me. I left down my hair and walked out to see luke in a similar outfit to mine. He was wearing flip flops, jeans, and a button up flannel.

"Great minds think alike." he said before we left the hotel, once again, hand in hand.


We arrived at the venue after a short car ride full of even more keeks and cuddles. The venue was huge for them, something they've never been to before. I'm over joyed for them tonight. I sat in one of the seats as they started to sing and get more comfortable with the stage. They started to sing heartbreak girl and Luke never broke eye contact with me. I smiled as they finished and Luke jumped off the stage because it was their last song before break.

"That was amazing! You're going to do great tonight." I said and gave him a huge hug.

"Ready for shopping?" Ash yelled and we all cheered before leaving the venue to continuing this amazing day.


hey! I hope you guys enjoyed this update :-) your guys' comments really make my day, I was so happy you guys enjoyed the last update. the littlest things make me happy :-)) I'll be updating more frequently, so I hope you're ready for more lariana haha (:

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