Before He Was Famous

Ariana just moved to Australia and she knows nobody. She will have to make new friends in school, and she'd never guess Luke would be one. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. But once his music starts to get recognized and he starts a band, will they stay friends? With Luke becoming busy, can she stay his best friend if he's not always there for her?


13. Bonding

Ariana's POV:

"Finally, you're here!" Hollie said and welcomed me into her house.

"Hollie, it's 5:01." I laughed.

"Dawns already upstairs, let's go." she said and led me up the stairs. Her house was almost like mine, but much nicer.

"OMG! Ariana!" Dawn got up and hugged me.

"Tell me all about the date." she said and they sat down like it was story time.

"How did you know about that?" I asked curiously.

"We have our ways. Just tell us, pleaseee!" they begged and I gave in.

"It was nice. We got ice cream and went to a nice peaceful place where we laid down then I slept over at his house because my house wasn't answering." I said what they asked.

"What else? How bout in the morning?" they were urgent to know everything.

"His band members came over and I watched them film a video. After he put his arm around me and I gave him a kiss on the cheek." I said and sat down next to them.

"That's adorable! You two are perfect together." they said and their faces looked like they just got out of a magical land full of fluffiness and happiness.

"Enough with my life, do you guys have boyfriends?" I asked them. They shook their heads but Hollie seemed like she had somebody in mind.

"I really liked Daniel until he moved. Then my heart was shattered into pieces." she dramatically fell back as if she was in pain.

"Love life in California?" they asked.

"Nope. I wish." I laughed.

"Well, at least you have Luke." they started smiling like idols again.

"Dawn, I 100% ship you with Ashton, their drummer. Hollie, you'd look great with Michael." I smiled but they just pretended to throw up.

"Michael? Never. He's not my type. I'd go for Calum if anybody." she said.

"Okay, but Dawn, you don't know Ashton! You'd like him." I said and pulled out my laptop I brought with.

"Here's the video I watched then film. Obviously, that's Ashton." I said, pointing to him.

"Not bad. You'll have to introduce him to me." she said.

"Now what do we do?" I asked. They both looked at each other before getting up and running to Hollies speaker.

They started blasting not half bad music, so I stood up and started dancing along with them. We all laughed as we stupidly danced around her room with joy. It wasn't long before we were almost passed out on the floor.

"Pizza!" I heard Hollies mom yell from downstairs. Pizza was my favorite, of course.

"Race down the stairs?" Dawn said and jumped up.

"I think I'm good, I'm pretty tired out." I laughed and slowly got up from the bed. Dawn ran down the stairs, I don't even know how she did it. Me and Hollie took our time.


"Very nice pizza, if I would say myself." I said and took another piece.

"Tell me about it! This is the best pizza on the planet." Hollie announced.

"Probably not but its worth a try to trick an America fellow." Dawn laughed and I agreed, America pizza was on point. We could never disappoint.


"Let's watch some YouTube and a movie before bed." we had just gotten done with intense games of I don't even want to say, and an eating competition. As I looked through her recommended, all I could see was Luke's videos.

"Stalk much?" I laughed and pointed to the videos.

"Um.. yes. That boys good!" she laughed and we looked up random videos on the weird side I'd never like to enter.

After that was all over, we popped in the movie 'Finding Nemo.'

"I've seen this movie too many times." I laughed and put all my stuff on the floor.

"Goodnight, I can't go through this movie another time." I said and snuggled my head under the covers.

Not long after, I was knocked out on the floor while my friends were watching Nemo. What a great way to end the day.


"Wake up!" they said and poured water over my face.

"What the hell was that for?" I coughed and woke up quickly.

"To wake you up." they giggled and I softly punched them, falling back down on my wet pillow.

"Tell your mom to get here! I have ice skating soon!" Hollie said.

"How punk rock, ice skating." I laughed and she rolled her eyes jokingly.

My mom got here soon after and I said goodbye to Hollie, hugging her goodbye.

"Text me later!" she yelled as I ran out the house.

"Why is your face wet?" my mom said and pulled out.

"Long story."


When I finally got home for the first time in what seemed like days, I took a nice warm shower and put on sweatpants with a comfy tee shirt.

I jumped into bed for the rest of the day, watching Netflix. It was relaxing being home. Luckily, it was winter break so I wouldn't have school anytime soon. Thank god for beginning school right before break!

While I was watching Gossip Girl, Luke texted me.

From: Luke

'Can I come over? Need a cuddle and quick.'

To: Luke

'Come quick, I want some too.'


Two updates in one day! Crazy! Haha, thanks for reading. This story will kill me before I'm done writing. Enjoy!

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