Rebellious Hearts

She fought with him
She fought for him
They fought against everyone else
But after one decision takes a toll on their relationship and separates them to focus on their careers , will fate force them to cross paths in their careers and true love harbour or will they have to live without each other all their lives?


1. Departure.......

"Please don't go", he says.

"I have to", I say.

"I can help you start with your career", he continues.

"Luke we spoke about this before. Don't take me wrong but that is just what I don't want.


That was my dream from the beginning. Its just for a few months. Ill come back. By the time you have a band to think about."

"I wish we didn't have a busy schedule, then I could have come with you. See I could help you and nobody will know. It will remain a secret between the both of us not even the sly reporters will know, if that is your problem."

"No Luke , they will obviously find out , I SHOULD KNOW."

"Its not like we're not gonna message each other every minute", I say blushing.

"Well only a few months right?? Once you come back we can make up for all the lost time", he says with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah", I say,staring at the floor.

"Come on here", he says as he pulls me towards him and puts his hands around my waist, "I'll love you always, remember that", he says with tears in his eyes.

Our lips touch and we kiss passionately. He lets me go saying, "Go before I change my mind and never let you go".

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