Belles Dragons

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7. Pistol

Who Ezra was, Claude did not know. Obviously, he had a faint idea that he was jerk sugar coated in a pretentious arse facade. Claude clenched his fists, gritting his teeth at the ground.

" I am Elijah's Best friend and something about you rubs him up the wrong way and I'm not sure whether I'm okay about it. In fact I'm not, I'm not okay with you" Claude forwarded, taking three long strides in Elijah's direction.

"Claude, Claude you are so very unaware of what goes on beyond your comprehension."

"That's vague. Care to elaborate?" Claude questioned, tilting his head sidewards. Ezra laughed. Not a humorous tone but one that sliced through the air before sending a quick blow into Claude's ego. A silence loomed painfully in the air. Making a hopeless attempt to break the silence, Claude coughed awkwardly, clearing his throat.

" Care to take a drive?" Ezra pressed, leaning in so that his breath swept against Claude's cheek. Claude pushed him away.

Meanwhile Sebastian sat opposite Elijah, the straw from his iced-mocha clamped beneath his teeth.

" Do you think I could pull of suede shoes?" He mumbled. "Elijah?"

"I'm ignoring you,"

“ You’re really worried about Ezra, Aren't you?” Sebastian enquired, his face darkening. “ Let me make a phone call,”

Sebastian rarely ever let his cool and collected manner slip and yet the fear that flashed through his irises, worried even himself. Grunting every so often in acknowledgement, he held the mobile firmly to his ear. Ten dragging minutes later the phone rang dead and Sebastian stared upwards.

" What happened?" Elijah pried, standing up and puffing out his chest.

" Go down to the Car and I will explain on the way,"

Elijah obeyed running down the concrete staircase often skipping a step to aid his sprint. He bypassed any idle talk that approached him and barely ran vigilantly. As his heart pounded in his chest, a cacophony of drumming, he managed to make it to the car undetected or at least unbothered.  Meanwhile, Sebastian paced up and down his office. Shuddering at his reflection in the pane glass window her. fished a key from his pocket, continuing to unlock his lower draw. He reached his hand firmly inside it and retrieved a small pistol. Whilst he stared at and his hand shook as he held it in his palm, he fingered the trigger with undeniable confidence. He barged his way through the building, the revolver concealed by his coat. He was less hasty than Elijah to exit the premises yet he kept an insignificant clutch onto the gun. Hurrying across the car park, he heaved a sigh of relief. Upon entering the vehicle, he was greeted with a wide eyed, gaping face.


"Explain now," Elijah demanded, his eyes focused on the gun.

'I failed to mention probably the first thing I should've told you when I first met you. I stupidly failed to mention the worst threat you could encounter. Not everyone is like us Elijah, were not all nice guys who give a damn about other people. You think I’m harsh Elijah but atleast I don’t have a knife firmly twisted, ready to stab my own kind straight in the back ...We have things called Rebel Dragons." Sebastian stopped talking aware of the utter and dawning silence that filled the saloon "Dragons who are chemically changed into weapons of mass destruction, for genocide of our own kind. We have encountered many before and it has always been so easy to control but since all the medical and genetic advancement in Dragons, were completely out of our depth. I mean look at you Elijah, you’re resisting humanity, you could burst into flames any moment"

Sebastian realised this was most definitely not the time to make a light-hearted joke at a less than light-hearted topic but he couldn't seem to restrain himself.

"And this results to us driving with a gun in the glove compartment because?" Elijah asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Elijah, Ezra is a Rebel trafficker. He’s not that high up in the corporation, if that’s how you wish to look at it. He's just creating them and he's shipping them all over the world. And I am honestly terrified that your next."

Elijah stopped. Stopped moving; stopped breathing. Finally, he let out a shaking breath, rubbing his hands on his neck.

"Kid, breathe," Sebastian said, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. Elijah rubbed his eyes until salted tears dribbled down his cheeks.

"I've been so stupid," he sniffled, " I just thought he was my conceited arse of a cousin who was obsessed with putting me down socially and what am I? I'm not even human. And yet I'm more humane than he is. What about that makes sense?" Each word became less comprehensible as each sob echoed in his tone. He looked out at the road ahead. On any other day, the road would've seemed long and winding and yet in that moment the situation seemed much more spiralling and oblivious than simple concrete and tarmac. A sickening silence loomed once again.


“ How do we stop it?”

“ There’s this lance, a sword if you wish,” Sebastian started. “ A simple, un-fatal slash with that turns you straight back to your default state.”

“Right.” Elijah comprehended, running a tensed hand through his hair which was sodden with sweat. “ And this lance is where exactly?”

“We don’t know,” he stated, “ I mean we did. But then we lost track of it again. Norway was where it was last spotted and someone got their first. Someone we really didn’t need to get there first.”

Elijah sat, leaning into the leather upholstery of the car, hoping it would swallow him whole. Sebastian too prayed to be anywhere but the situation they were in, but in conclusion this was uneffective.


Claude sat as still as possible. He steadied his shaking with his bound hands that were scraped and burned by the rope that coiled around his wrists. The last hour or so was a dull, hazy blank for himself and yet the bruising and rope burn gave him an indication. The room in which he was situated was quiet; silent. He was utterly alone.

Bonnie hurried through the street, keeping a close eye on her watch. She anticipated each and every minute as if it her were her last as she quickened her pace. Quickening her pace in stiletto boots was chore, and in the buzzing side streets it was no less easier. After reaching a small yet significant clearing she found herself facing a large house. Tip-toeing up each step, she knocked hastily on the door. Unexpectant of what she was to encounter next, she shielded her face with the fur collar of her coat. It tickled against her neck and yet she pulled it closer towards her pining for the comfort it gave. All in the split second it took for the door to be answered she thought solely about one thing. Elijah. The door swung open slowly, a warm, inviting smile greeting her at the doorstep. Quickly hauled out of her trail of thought, she too grinned back.

“Xyla Leonardo?” Bonnie questioned the blonde, willowy figured girl who hovered in the door frame. Beaming, her smile growing wider, the girl nodded before beckoning Bonnie forwards into her abode.


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